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We’re running and helping the Poland Business Run Foundation for 5 years now!

on 9 Aug 2023

2023 is an important year for Standard Chartered in Poland, as the Warsaw office has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. At the same time, it’s already the fifth time when we will support Poland Business Run as a strategic sponsor of the event. A strong team of over 250 employees will run together in the charity relay race dedicated to help people with motor disabilities and after mastectomy.

Why did we decide to partner with Poland Business Run? Sport remains an integral part of Standard Chartered’s identity. After all, the company has been a sponsor of one of the best-known football clubs in the world, Liverpool FC, since 2010. Football fans certainly recognise the team’s characteristic red shirts with the company’s logo. From the beginning of its operations in Poland, the Standard Chartered logo is also placed on the Poland Business Run participants’ T-shirts.

Anna Urbanska, CEO of Standard Chartered Poland shares insights about Poland Business Run 2023

Supporting this initiative closely aligns with our values. We are guided by three main principles – Better Together, Do the Right Thing and Never Settle. Poland Business Run perfectly combines these elements: we run as a team, support the beneficiaries of the foundation with our efforts and set ambitious goals to break our own records. Every year, the run is highly popular among our employees, regardless of what team they’re in, seniority or position. The run connects colleagues from the entire organisation, and I am glad that by supporting a charitable cause, we can also build stronger relationships and take care of our wellbeing.

Anna Urbańska, CEO, Standard Chartered Poland

And what motivates Standard Chartered employees to participate in Poland Business Run? Patrycja Pańkowska is passionate about running and she appreciates the opportunity to support people with disabilities who face adversities in their daily lives.

“Running means breaking down my own barriers. When I tie my shoelaces, I know that I’m in competition with myself. By participating in Poland Business Run, I want to support people who experience difficulties resulting from disability, and yet do not give up.”

Patrycja enjoys her involvement in Poland Business Run 2023

Patrycja emphasises that running has huge personal importance for her.

“Twelve years ago, I was in a serious accident. Sport helped me get back to physical fitness, and above all, I could get away from the dark thoughts and hardships of rehabilitation. At first, it was just walks, then I started running and cycling. It gave me a lot of joy; I met great people from the running community, and it became an inseparable part of my life. At Standard Chartered, I was happy to join the running club – one of the several sports clubs at the company. Every week in the summer season, we train with a medallist of the Polish Championships – this is a unique chance to improve my skills.

Jakub from Standard Chartered Poland talks about his involvement in Poland Business Run as well as his interest in running

In addition to the charity aspect, Patrycja believes that Poland Business Run is simply great fun.

I treat the run as an opportunity to get together with colleagues and meet in informal atmosphere. This is the third year when I participate – every year, I join a different team and we try to run the distance together. I also appreciate the great atmosphere around the run – I remember that during one edition, strangers in Poland Business Run T-shirts high-fived each other in the park. I just can’t wait for September!

Patrycja Pańkowska, Standard Chartered Poland

Jakub Domecki is also passionate about running, although his beginnings were not obvious.

I was always average in sports, but during a 1000-metres race, it turned out that I was a rather good runner. Years later, I tried running again, and it became a way to clear my head and relax. I got into the world of street running races and I have been taking part in Poland Business Run for several years now. I am motivated by the thought that each kilometre means a greater chance for the beneficiaries of the Foundation to access rehabilitation, return to fitness and make life easier. I also appreciate the possibility to participate in the run virtually, as this year I will complete the distance in sunny Greece.

Jakub Domecki, Standard Chartered Poland

And what about people who don’t run regularly but still want to participate in the relay?

“At the beginning, there’s no need to invest in professional equipment, good shoes are enough. For me, this is one of the biggest advantages of running – this sport is available to many people, without any special requirements”, Jakub underlines. “There is still some time left before the run, so I’d recommend working on your stamina. 4 kilometres is not an unattainable distance, but if you do not run at all, it can be challenging. Let’s go for walks, slowly increase the pace, and don’t forget to warm up before the run itself”, advises Jakub. “And if you can’t run the full distance? It doesn’t matter – we can also take a walk or march quickly. What matters most, is the willingness to help and having a great time.

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