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    Fighting financial crime

    We’re tackling financial crime head-on by making the financial system a hostile environment for criminals

We’re taking on financial crime

Financial systems can transform lives for good, but they can also fuel harmful activities like terrorism, trafficking and corruption.

At Standard Chartered, we have a unique opportunity to drive sustainable growth across our markets. But that also means we have a key role to play in tackling financial crime.

How we’re leading the fight

We’re building stronger defences through compliance and nurturing a culture where each one of us sees combating financial crime as part of our daily work.

Our mission doesn’t stop at our door. We’re teaming up with banks, governments and regulators around the world to raise the bar across the industry and devise innovative ways to stop criminals in their tracks.

What is financial crime?

Financial crime is big business for international criminal organisations. Discover more about the most common types below.

  • Money laundering

    Money laundering enables illegal finances to appear legitimate, generating an estimated $5.8 trillion a year for criminal organisations.

  • Fraud

    Fraud involves deliberate deception for financial gain, causing a loss or exposing others to the risk of loss. Join the fight against fraud.

  • Human trafficking

    Trafficking and exploiting people is a vast, complex, and highly profitable global business, generating illegal profits of $150 billion a year.