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  • Sustainability

    Our environmental and social risk framework

    Our cross-sector framework helps us manage environmental and social risk while supporting sustainable growth.

Our approach to environmental and social risk management

Our approach to managing environment and social (E&S) risk is informed by international conventions, national laws and regulations and industry standards and best practices. These requirements are translated into cross sector and sector specific criteria, which we articulate in our position statements that we assess our clients and transactions against.

Aligning with external standards and industry best practice

Our position statements are informed by international best practice and appropriate industry wide benchmarks.

1. Equator Principles

The Equator Principles (EP) is a risk management framework for determining, assessing and managing E&S risk in project development. We became a member of EP in 2003, and we continue to apply the principles to applicable project-related transactions.

2. International Finance Corporation Performance Standards

The International Finance Corporate (IFC) Performance Standards are internationally recognised as the benchmark standards for the provision of financial services in emerging markets, and are central to our Framework. The Performance Standards provide guidance on how to identify risks and impacts, and are designed to help avoid, mitigate, and manage these risks and impacts in a sustainable way.

3. Industry Standards and Good International Industry Practice

We follow industry standards and practices for the sectors we provide financial services to. We work closely with many industry experts and actively participate in numerous industry bodies to develop and maintain the highest standards and best practices.

Our position statements

Our  position statements outline the criteria we expect our clients to meet in order to continue working with them. These are grouped into cross sector and sector specific criteria.

Cross sector position statements

Whichever sectors our clients operate in, we expect them to meet certain criteria  in order to continue working with them.

We expect our clients to comply with applicable laws and regulations and to align their practices with International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) Performance Standards as well as the IFC Environmental, Health & Safety Guidelines.

Sensitive sector position statements

For clients operating in sectors where environmental and social risks are heightened, we use our sector specific position statements to manage these risks.

A boulder blocks a road.

Prohibited activities

We will not provide financial services for activities which breach certain restrictions.


Grievance Mechanisms and Remediation

We track and monitor complaints through official industry channels (e.g. IFC’s Complaints Ombudsman or RSPO’s complaints panel). If we discover any issues or have these brought to our attention we will investigate these and engage with the client via our relationship managers.

Due to client confidentiality, or an ongoing complaints process, we may not be able to publicly comment on ongoing investigations.