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Our roadmap to net zero

How we plan to transition to net zero carbon emissions.

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Our net zero roadmap aims to facilitate solutions to reduce our emissions, catalyse sustainable finance and partnerships, and mitigate the financial and non-financial risks we may face from climate change.

  • Reaching net zero

    We’re committed to net zero carbon emissions in our own operations by 2025 and financing by 2050.

  • Community impact

    Climate change will hit hardest in many of the communities and markets where we operate.

  • A just transition

    An inclusive net-zero economy brings with it a huge opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Our roadmap

Milestones on the journey to 2050:

  • Launched our roadmap to net zero by 2050, including interim targets and a supporting methodology
  • Announced plans to mobilise USD 300 billion in Sustainable Finance by 2030
  • Published our inaugural Transition Finance Framework
  • Developed financed emissions baselines and interim 2030 targets for the Aviation, Shipping and Automotive Manufacturers sectors
  • Joined the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF)
  • Announced our enhanced Oil and Gas absolute financed emissions target
  • Updated our Power and Steel sector baselines and targets moving from a revenue-based intensity metric to a production-based intensity metric
  • Developed financed emissions baselines and set interim 2030 targets for our four additional sectors: Cement, Aluminium, Residential Mortgages and Commercial Real Estate, bringing the total number of science-based targets set for high-emitting sectors to eleven
  • Financed emissions baselines and sectoral progress against targets, where indicated, assured for the first time by Ernst & Young
  • Calculated the Group’s facilitated emissions baseline from debt capital markets following the final PCAF guidance (published December 2023) under both the 33 per cent and 100 per cent weighting factors
  • Updated the Group’s net zero methodological white paper, first published in 2021
  • We will develop an interim 2030 financed emissions target for the Agriculture sector, planned to be communicated in our 2024 Annual Report, which will be published in Q1 2025
  • Aim to be net zero in our own operations
  • We will have substantially reduced our exposure to the Thermal Coal Mining sector in line with our Position Statements
  • Aim to meet the Group’s financed emissions interim targets for high-emitting sectors
  • Targeted end date for legacy direct Thermal Coal Mining financing globally
  • Aim to become net zero in our financed emissions

Learn more about our approach

Discover more about how we’re making progress by reading our latest sustainability reports and disclosures.