Diversity and Inclusion Embracing and celebrating our diversity

We view diversity, inclusion and respect for all colleagues as critical to our future success

Our culture in action A welcoming environment for everyone

We’re committed to promoting equality in the workplace and creating an inclusive and flexible culture – one where everyone can realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to our organisation. This in turn helps us to provide better support to our broad client base.

Striving for gender balance

We’re passionate about achieving a better gender balance in our organisation and in the financial industry as a whole. That’s why we’ve pledged to help make our industry one where women want to work by signing the Women in Finance Charter. This means we’re committed to have women occupy 30% of the top four levels of our senior roles by 2020, up from 26% today.

We want to work together to ensure that we have an industry where women feel included and can contribute their best. By building a more balanced workforce, especially at more senior levels, we believe the industry will be able to unlock innovation and manage risk better.

Our employee networks Connecting groups of employees

When we say we promote diversity and an inclusive culture, we mean it. That’s why we have three dedicated global employee networks as well as more than 40 local employee networks. These networks connect and support colleagues, including those who are impacted by disability, have caregiver responsibilities, or are members or allies of the LGBT community.

Female employee working at desk

Global Women’s Network

Our women’s network aims to promote gender equality in the workplace and beyond. It provides an international platform to inspire and encourage women to contribute and share best practices across our organisation.

LGBT and allies group meeting

Global LGBT & Allies Network

We strive for a safe, supportive and empowering environment for LGBT colleagues and clients. Treating people with dignity and respect, regardless of sexual orientation – ensuring everyone is comfortable bringing their whole selves to work – is the right thing to do, and good for business.

Employee and blind colleague working together

Global Disability Network

Our disability network aims to make us the employer of choice for banking professionals with disabilities. This means removing barriers and biases to attract the very best talent and also supporting colleagues with disabilities during their time working with us.

Our workplace Recognising you as an individual

Smiling man in street scene

Flexible working

Our flexible working policy reflects our changing working environment. We give colleagues more options around how they work on delivering for our clients – whether that involves working from home, part time or flexible time.

Baby and new parent

Leave for new parents

Our parental leave supports our employees and their families around one of life's biggest moments – the time of childbirth or adoption. This includes maternity leave, parental leave for spouses or partners and adoption leave.

Two colleagues chatting

Welcoming all abilities

Our aim is to understand what people can do, rather than being influenced by perceptions of what they can’t. We strive to be truly inclusive of employees with disabilities, to put in place scalable systems and practices for their needs. 

Insights Explore our inclusive world in action

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#IDAHOT: Nobody should feel they can’t be themselves at work

Adrian and Raheel met and became friends through our Allies Network, which provides support for all our LGBT+ colleagues

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#IDAHOT: I want others to feel as included as I do

Our UK LGBT+ & Allies Network co-chair Ben Cawley shares why he believes positive messaging can make a difference

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The eight elements of girl power

Our new report reveals what it will take to give underprivileged girls a brighter future

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Flexible working… means I can have it all

By working part time, Katie Hasson avoided choosing between being a hands-on mum and having a career

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Flexible working… helped me get a degree

Cindy Lindquist was struggling to balance a full-time job and college, till she changed the way she worked

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