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Diversity and inclusion

Supplier diversity and inclusion

We’re committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in our supply chain

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At Standard Chartered, supplier diversity refers to a supply chain that incorporates businesses owned by under-represented individuals or groups – such as women and ethnic minorities, as well as micro and small businesses – and corporations who have strong diversity and inclusion profile, aligning to the principles set out in our standard.

Our aim is to create mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers from all walks of life reflecting the diverse communities and cultures we operate in.

Our strategy

Community and customer impacts

Working with diverse suppliers generates prosperity for local suppliers, driving positive economic and social impacts for communities and customers

Case study: A more diverse supplier list

A few years ago when we looked at the existing supplier landscape in Standard Chartered Malaysia, we realised there was a lack of diversity in our supplier base. Recognising this wasn’t right, we put a programme in place to change this.  A key success of this programme was that by the end of 2019 we increased the number of women owned businesses by 60%+.

Thanks to Standard Chartered’s long-standing support for female-owned and run companies like JCMS, our link has strengthened beyond a traditional supplier-customer relationship.

CEO, JCMS ProRewards

Innovative and unique capabilities

Diverse suppliers often bring unique innovations, technologies, products and services originating from their diverse perspectives and experiences

Case study: A company with diversity at its core

Korea recently onboarded a company with diversity at its core which is also able to provide numerous innovative and competitive benefits.

Diversity isn’t just something we promote, it’s who we are. I am proud that our suppliers represent a wide variety of minority segments, and that we are committed to providing as many opportunities as we can…

Yun Kyong Kim, Supply Chain Sourcing Manager Korea

Working with our partners

We work with partner organisations to accelerate our strategy

Case study: Partnering with diversity champions

We currently have five partnerships with organisations who champion supplier diversity. Our partners provide us with critical support regarding visibility of suppliers, education and networking opportunities. 

Together we are ensuring that we are able to identify diverse suppliers, collaborate, support and increase opportunities to work with diverse suppliers on a global level.

We are excited to work alongside Standard Chartered Bank, a corporate powerhouse, to help rebuild business for good through global supplier diversity and inclusion.

Elizabeth A. Vazquez, CEO of WEConnect international

What our leaders say

Our leaders are committed to supplier diversity

Our Supplier Diversity Programme reflects our commitment to developing and expanding relationships with diverse businesses and giving back to the communities we do business in. It’s essential that we drive our internal diversity and inclusion agenda, but a key part of that is to look more widely at the suppliers we work with. That’s why supplier diversity is a key pillar of our Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and we have set targets and initiatives to drive positive change.

Melissa Soh, Head, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Supplier Diversity Programme not only focuses on bringing diverse suppliers on board and supporting them on their journeys with us, but also creating a far reaching sustainable and positive impact that is good for our communities, our business, and our supply chain.

Andrew Cannon Brookes, Global Head, Supply Chain

Diverse supplier support and development

We are committed to supporting diverse suppliers to help them succeed

Case study: Boosting women business owners

We recently ran a bootcamp (in conjunction with WeConnect) for two exciting days with women leaders in their capacities as small business owners from different sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Increasing our focus

Our increased focus on supplier diversity is because we recognise the critical role our suppliers play in serving our customers and creating wide reaching positive impacts across the communities we operate in.

The intrinsic relationships between the Bank, our suppliers, our customers and our communities is more and more important, so our overall purpose has to apply to our partners as well as us. 

Wanjiru Mugugu at an event. She is wearing a bright yellow shirt and smiling at the camera.

Case study

“It’s about empowering the whole business”

We’re proud to work with women-owned businesses like Bdazzaled as part of our commitment to supplier diversity.

Our partnerships

Our partnerships