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SC Private Bank app FAQs

What is SC Private Bank app?

SC Private Bank app is a complimentary service available to clients of Standard Chartered Private Bank. This service allows registered clients and their Private Bankers to monitor their Private Bank portfolio information as of the previous day’s close of business. Portfolio information includes balances at a consolidated and individual portfolio level, investment positions and transaction activity. Clients are also able to view and print current portfolio information or official bank Statements and Advices.

How do I register for SC Private Bank app?

To register, simply follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Private Banker to verify the registration information
  2. Visit the Private Bank Web site at
  3. Select “Client Login” at the top of the screen.
  4. Select “Sign Up” in the Login page
  5. Input your details:
    • Your main Portfolio (6 digit CIF) Number
    • Investment Centre where your Portfolio is booked
    • Last name
    • Document Id (The Identification number provided to the Private Bank. If you are unsure of the Document ID, please contact your Private Banker.)
    • Date of Birth
    • Country of Birth
  6. Accept Terms and Conditions (please read this document before submitting your acceptance)
  7. Click Submit

Once your details are successfully validated against our records, you will be requested to submit a One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile. Enter the OTP when prompted to complete the registration process. Please advise your Private Banker on your preferred mobile number before you register. If there are any discrepancies, you will be advised to contact your Private Banker.

  1. Create Username and Password:
  2. You will be prompted to create a Username and Password for accessing SC Private Bank app to complete the registration. Please ensure these are unique credentials only known to you.

Registration is now complete and you can log in to SC Private Bank app immediately with the newly created Username and Password.

If any of the above steps fail, please contact your Private Banker who will be able to assist you.


Your mobile number and e-mail address should first be registered with the Bank. Please contact your Private Banker if you have any queries.

After you have completed the initial Portfolio registration, you will be able to register up to nine additional Portfolios, all linked to your Username and Password. Please note that Collateralised Trading Account “CTP” portfolios cannot be registered on PV&M

If you need further assistance during registration, please contact your Private Banker who will be able to assist you.

How does Portfolio View work?

It’s simple. After we validate your initial registration, you can, at any time, log in and access your account information. Once there, you can view or print your daily portfolio information, including recent transactions, or view, print or download your latest and historic official Statements as well as certain transaction Advices. If you registered more than one Client Portfolio, you will be able to view similar information for each Client Portfolio.

Can my Private Banker view my portfolio information?

Yes. The system has been designed so you and your Private Banker can view the same information at the same time. This should facilitate discussions about your portfolio and recent transactions. Your Private Banker will, of course, have his or her own unique Username and Password and is only authorised to view and reply via the message centre and not to use the Original Instruction feature.

What Messaging Services are available on the SC Private Bank app?

Clients who register for SC Private Bank app may use the Mailbox feature to communicate with their Private Bankers in a highly secure manner.

In addition, the SC Private Bank app is equipped with instant messaging and file sharing capabilities where clients may reach out to their Private Bankers to share documents or discuss trade ideas.

What are the terms of using our eStatements and eAdvices service?

By using this service, you shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted each of the following:

  1. Your eStatements/eAdvices (the “Trade Documents”) will be provided to you through the SC Private Bank App (the “Access Service”).
  2. You are required to register a valid email address with us (the “Designated Email Address”) in order to use the Access Service.
  3. Appropriate hardware and software, internet access and the Designated Email Address, mobile phone number or other electronic address provided and designated by you for receiving email, SMS or other electronic notifications from us are required for using the Access Service.
  4. Internet, email, SMS and other electronic information services may be subject to certain information technology risks and/or disruption, and accordingly we cannot guarantee that the Standard Chartered Private Bank website or the Access Service will be available at all times or free from unauthorised/illegal intrusions or modifications.
  5. We retain the right to charge additional costs for using the Access Service and we will notify you of such additional costs at least 30 days in advance.
  6. We will only notify you via your Designated Email Address that the Trade Documents have been posted on our Standard Chartered Private Bank website; you should check your Designated Email Address regularly for such notice.
  7. You may revoke your consent to the provision of the Trade Documents through the SC Private Bank App by giving us such advance notice and through such methods as we may reasonably require.
  8. You may be required to pay a reasonable charge for:
    • obtaining a hard copy of any Trade Document that is no longer available for access and downloading through our Standard Chartered Private Bank website as set out in our Schedule of Fees and Charges; or
    • requesting us to provide Trade Documents to you, in addition to the request for the Access Service, by any other means.
  9. You must inform us as soon as practicable upon a change to your Designated Email Address, mobile phone number or other electronic address.
  10. You must promptly review the Trade Documents posted on our Standard Chartered Private Bank website upon receiving our notice to ensure that any errors are detected and reported to us as soon as practicable.
  11. You should save an electronic copy of the Trade Documents in your own computer storage or print a hard copy of the Trade Documents for future reference.
For the file sharing features, what types of documents can be shared through the SC Private Bank app?

All commonly used file types such as PDF, PPT, Word, Excel, Photos, Videos can be shared through the file sharing feature. Messages and documents shared via this channel is recorded for audit purposes.

The app also offers a functionality for clients and their Private Bankers to organize their files into folders for ease of management.

If I am not logged into the app and my client messages me on the SC Private Bank App, how will I be notified?

Upon installing the SC Private Bank app and launching it, users will be prompted to ‘Allow Push Notifications for SC Private Bank app’.

Once allowed and after the first log-in, users will receive a push notification on their mobile phone if they receive a text message or document. Similarly, users will be able to enable Push Notifications through their device settings.

What will happen to my message if my Private Banker is out of the office?

We have designed this system to be as secure and private as possible, which means that messages you send can only be accessed by your Private Banker and, in some cases, the Client Service Managers assigned to your account. There is the possibility that one, or all, of these individuals may be out of the office when you send your original instruction message and, therefore, there is a chance that your original instruction message may not be accessed immediately. If you have an instruction request that is time sensitive, you must contact your Private Banker by telephone when you send your original instruction message and advise your Private Banker of the nature and extent of the sensitivity.

Can I access SC Private Bank app on my mobile devices – tablet and/or phone?

Yes you can access SC Private Bank app on your mobile devices.

If you wish to access SC Private Bank app from your tablet, you may choose to do so via our website or SC Private Bank mobile app.

If you wish to access SC Private Bank app on your mobile phone we recommend that you do so via the SC Private Bank mobile app.

To download the SC Private Bank mobile app please search for “SC Private Bank” in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Can I register more than one Portfolio?

Yes. Following your initial registration, you can register up to nine additional Portfolios* and have them all linked to your SC Private Bank app Username and Password. You will need to register each Client Portfolio individually via the “Add Portfolio” feature.

If the Portfolio you are registering has more than one sub-portfolio (e.g., 12345-2, 12345-3), you will view these sub-portfolios online without additional registration steps.

*Collateralised Trading Account portfolios cannot be registered on the Platform.

I have a joint account and either my spouse or I have signature authority. Can I register?

Yes you may, please note that both you and your spouse in the joint account can register.

I have a joint account and both individuals’ signatures are needed to process a transaction. Can I register?

Yes, you can register for SC Private Bank app; however, you will only be able to use Portfolio View and not the Messaging service.