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    Investing in communities

    Standard Chartered Foundation

Who we are

Established in 2019 by Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Chartered Foundation (SCF) is a registered charity in England and Wales, set up to tackle inequality by promoting greater economic inclusion for disadvantaged young people.  

SCF is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank in England. Standard Chartered Bank is the sole member (shareholder).  

Why tackle inequality?

Access to jobs, and reducing inequality, is critical to the economic empowerment of young people.   

Globally 282 million young people are not in employment, education or training. A majority, 68 per cent, are female and young women are 1.5 times more likely to be unemployed than young men.

Over 60 per cent of these young people are in markets where Standard Chartered operates.

Inequality significantly affects disadvantaged young people who often can’t access the skills and opportunities needed to close the income gap. 

Our response

SCF funds programmes for disadvantaged young people, primarily young women and people with disabilities, in the areas of employability and entrepreneurship. 

SCF is the lead delivery partner for Futuremakers by Standard Chartered, which supports: 

Every Futuremakers programme is inclusive, targeting disability, gender and financial inclusion. 

Futuremakers by Standard Chartered

Empowering the next generation to learn, earn and grow

SCF is the lead partner for Standard Chartered PLC in delivering Futuremakers by Standard Chartered. SCF increases the opportunity for fundraising and programme delivery across a number of markets, working with a range of diverse, innovative and impactful non-governmental organisations (NGOs). 

By 2030, with SCF’s support, Futuremakers aims to create and sustain 140,000 jobs by enabling disadvantaged young entrepreneurs and job-seekers, predominantly women and people with disabilities, to become economically empowered. 

Our Board of Trustees

Our Board Diversity Statement

Standard Chartered Foundation (SCF) is registered with Companies House in England and Wales as an incorporated charity by a guarantee (as of 29 April 2019, registration number 11968592) and the Charity Commission for England and Wales (as of 19 August 2019, registration number 1184946).

SCF is a wholly owned subsidiary undertaking of Standard Chartered Bank (the Bank), a company incorporated in England with limited liability by Royal Charter (reference number ZC000018). The ultimate holding company is Standard Chartered PLC (the Group), a company registered in England and Wales (company number 00966425) and as such is part of a distinctive footprint and international outlook.

All Board of Trustees’ appointments are based on merit with each candidate assessed against objective criteria, with the prime consideration of maintaining and enhancing the Board’s overall effectiveness. The principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded in SCF operations to help deliver the charity’s purposes and its public benefit requirement.

The Group Board Diversity Policy (the Policy) recognises the benefit of having a Board made up of individuals with a diverse mix of gender, social and ethnic backgrounds, knowledge, personal attributes, skills and experience.

The Policy applies to SCF Board of Trustees. In order to enhance the diversity of the Board of Trustees, SCF is committed to:

Standard Chartered Foundation Secretariat

The SCF Secretariat supports all related governance, financial and operational matters for the Board of Trustees. 

Standard Chartered Foundation is a registered UK charity

Registered with UK Companies House (Company number 11968592 ) and the Charity Commission of England and Wales (Charity number 1184946)