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    Our long-term ambitions

    Resetting globalisation

    Discover what global business leaders said about building a more sustainable and inclusive model.

We advocate for a more inclusive model of globalisation based on trust and fairness, promoting collaboration and innovation to solve the world’s toughest problems.

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From the how investing in our oceans can help tackle climate change to the business case for investing in cross-border data flows, our Resetting Globalisation series takes you inside the topics shaping the future of our world.

Challenges and opportunities

Cross-border data flows: what next?

As more and more data crosses borders, how can businesses prepare?

Where are we heading?

The future of globalisation

What does the global flow of goods, capital, and people tell us about the future of globalisation? We discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges of the future.

A graphic with the text 'The Blue Economy' and photos of two podcast guests: Marisa Drew, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Standard Chartered, and Karen Sack, who is the Executive Director at ORRAA.

The blue economy

Protecting biodiversity and the ocean

Take a deep dive into how globalisation can help protect one of our most precious resources.

Catalysing global trade

Hear from our senior leaders at this year’s World Economic Forum to discover what’s next for global trade – from driving diversification and greater connectivity to the partnerships which can help unlock growth. Produced in partnership with CNBC Catalyst.

Better connections between markets remain critical to the future of global growth. Our recent report Future of Trade 2023 makes clear that free trade still has the potential to deliver trillions of dollars of additional commerce across 13 key Asian, African and Middle Eastern markets.

Bill Winters, Group Chief Executive

Uncover new opportunities

Future of Trade 2023 report

With deep dives into key markets, get ahead of what the next decade holds with our special report.

Discover our insights

We advocate for a more inclusive model of globalisation, promoting collaboration and innovation to solve the world’s toughest problems.