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Standard Chartered’s wide network of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) provides you with a safe and convenient way to conduct your day to day banking in Douala & Yaounde branches.

Access your money 24 hours a day.

No need for you to carry large sums of cash with all the attendant risks. At any time, use your Standard Chartered ATM Card to withdraw cash, request a statement or move funds between your accounts. Our cards are GIMAC certified, hence can be used across the country and within the CEMAC zone, in all compliant GIMAC ATMs.

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Douala Branch

Akwa, Boulevard de la Liberté
PO Box: 1784
Republic of Cameroon
Telephone: +237 233 43 52 00 or 233 43 52 76
Fax: +237 23342 27 89

Yaoundé Branch

Avenue de L’Indépendance
PO Box: 1784
Republic of Cameroon
Telephone: +237 222 22 77 00
Fax: +237 222 22 77 25