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Standard Chartered supports diversity in the IT industry during the 10th anniversary edition of Lambda Days

on 21 Apr 2023
This year’s edition of Lambda Days will take place in Kraków on 5–6 June. For a decade, the event has been connecting the worlds of functional programming with academia and industry, offering attendees new insights into these fields, regardless of their level of expertise. Today, it is the biggest conference of this kind in Europe. Standard Chartered supports the event as its Diversity & Inclusion Sponsor for another year.

Thanks to the involvement of Standard Chartered, the Lambda Days organizers will award 5 free tickets to the representatives of groups underrepresented in the IT industry.

Lambda Days 2023 banner consisting of different colour stripes, with blue, yellow and pink

This pool of tickets constitutes an element of the Lambda Days Diversity Program. The conference organisers, Code Sync and Erlang Solutions, are committed to build an environment where every person can feel like a member of the community, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age, socio-economic background or any other factors.

All applications will be reviewed by a special committee who will select the participants.

This year, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Lambda Days. The conference became an important platform of knowledge exchange for functional programmers. We are happy that with the support of Standard Chartered, we can also invite representatives of minorities. It is a significant element of building an inclusive and diversified environment in the industry, open for many different perspectives.

Ewa Kucharczyk from Code Sync, the conference’s organiser

Standard Chartered currently employs more than 90 experts in Warsaw, dealing with the topic of financial liquidity and interest rate risk, including around 20 Haskell programmers. They are responsible for developing tools for assessing and simulating these risks, used by Treasury to optimise the balance sheet and performance of the entire Group currently operating in 59 markets. Across the bank, Haskell is also widely used for risk and pricing models, bringing their Haskell workforce to 30 in Poland and more than a hundred globally.

Functional programming languages play a significant role in the competences of the Warsaw Treasury Modelling Hub at Standard Chartered. Since the beginning of our operations in Poland, we have been building a team of specialists with Haskell as their main programming language. It helps us create extensive algorithms to analyse potential scenarios of events and their impact on financial liquidity of the Standard Chartered Group.

Piotr Kulma, Executive Director, Treasury Modelling & Platforms

The team of functional languages programmers at the Polish Standard Chartered office is one of the largest in Poland. This makes us all the more committed to initiatives such as Lambda Days, which is a great platform for us to share experiences and an opportunity to meet other developers and network.

Hang Wei Low, Solutions Chapter Lead & Location Lead at the Standard Chartered’s Liquidity Technology team

Lectures, workshops and meetings during the Lambda Days in June in Kraków are planned for two days. The participants will have the opportunity to check what possibilities functional programming offers, learn the newest programming languages tested in practice such as Scala, Erlang and Haskell, experience the energy brought in by F# and Elixir, and meet the innovators working with Elm, Luna and OCaml.

The applications in the Lambda Days Diversity Program are accepted until 28 April 2023 through the form. 5 people selected by the committee will receive a ticket free of charge for the two-day conference in Kraków.

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