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Standard Chartered Poland wins the main prize in the RównoWaga (Balance) competition

on 9 Nov 2023

On 13 October 2023, during the European Forum for New Ideas, Standard Chartered Poland has been awarded the main prize in the RównoWaga (“Balance”) competition among large companies with over 100 employees. The contest, organised by Konfederacja Lewiatan, Stowarzyszenie Kongres Kobiet, and Kulczyk Foundation, recognises employers for creating an inclusive workplace, where everyone can thrive, regardless of their gender.

Konkurs RownoWaga. Prokobieca firma roku w którym Standard Chartered Polska zdobyło główne wyróżnienie 2023

By showcasing positive examples of companies that treat gender equality as a priority, the contest aims to inspire other organisations to strive for more inclusive environments.

All of the almost 100 submissions received were evaluated in 5 main areas: policies and equality mechanisms, learning and development, work-life balance, equal pay, and health. In the award’s justification, the jury acknowledged Standard Chartered’s efforts in ensuring female representation at the highest positions, fair access to the opportunities for training and career development, and the flexible working model that allows for a better work-life balance, especially important when combining professional and caring responsibilities. Moreover, it positively assessed the partnerships with organisations that help girls and young women to get into STEM areas, like Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit or IT for SHE mentoring programme.

It was an honour to accept the main prize on behalf of all colleagues at Standard Chartered Poland. The award is a testament to all our efforts undertaken in the last 5 years to create a workplace where everyone is treated equal, can realise their full potential and receives support needed to thrive. I’m glad that the jury recognised our actions in ensuring fair, equal pay, work-life balance and supporting women in areas which were stereotypically perceived as male-dominated. I’d like to also thank everyone who contributes to our unique working culture by actively participating in Employee Resource Groups and supporting the diversity & inclusion initiatives.

Anna Jarczewska, Head of HR, Standard Chartered Poland

In Poland, Standard Chartered can boast 50% of female representation in the Board of Directors, as well as a large number of women in leadership positions. We strive for a better inclusion of women in the workplace, and perceive diversity in a broader perspective too, focusing on the variety of aspects – cultures, experiences, competences or interests. Winning the main prize in the first edition of this contest is a great recognition, a testament to the strength of our approach and values.

Anna Urbanska, CEO, Standard Chartered Poland