Cessation of Security Tokens Frequently Asked Questions
  1.   What is the upcoming change for customers with Security Tokens?
With effect from January 2013, Security Tokens can no longer be used.
To login to your account via Online Banking or Breeze mobile banking, you will need to generate a One-Time Password (OTP) from the Security Token Card. For more information on the Security Token Card, please visit our Security Token Card page here.
When completing online 3D Secure transactions (e.g. for online shopping), an OTP will be sent by SMS to your mobile number in our records.
You can no longer use the Security Token to generate the OTP for the purposes of logging in to your account / completing online 3D Secure transactions.
  2.   What is Online 3D Secure transaction?
3D Secure is a service provided by VISA and MasterCard that lets you transact online securely on 3D Secure merchant sites using your credit/debit card. Internet transactions will be verified by VISA or MasterCard.
  3.   Why is this change taking place?
As part of an industry-wide initiative to enhance online banking security, we have introduced a new security device, known as the Security Token Card, for Online Banking and Breeze mobile banking. This Token Card will replace your Security Token.
  4.   Can I use the OTP generated via the Token Card for online 3D Secure transactions (e.g. for online shopping)?
No. You are required to use the OTP sent by SMS to your mobile phone number for verification. For security reasons, this OTP cannot be generated using the Token Card.
  5.   I have updated my mobile phone number with the Bank. Does it mean that I will receive an OTP via SMS once my mobile phone number has been updated?
No. From now till 31 December 2012, you will still need to generate the OTP from your Security Token for online 3D Secure transactions.
Effective from January 2013, you will receive the OTP by SMS sent to your mobile phone number.
  6.   I would like to continue using my Security Token after January 2013 for all transactions, including online 3D Secure transactions. Is this possible?
No. The Bank is enhancing its online banking security system as part of an industry-wide initiative. As such, the Bank is phasing out the Security Tokens, and replacing them with Token Card and mobile phones as security devices.
If you do not provide to / update your mobile phone number with the Bank, you will not be able to complete any online 3D Secure transactions.
  7.   How can I update my mobile phone number with the Bank?
You can update your mobile phone number via one of the following channels:
  • Login to Online Banking to update your mobile phone number
  • Call 24-hour Phone Hotline on 1800 747 7000
  • Complete and return the Mobile Phone Number Update Form
  • Visit our branches islandwide
  8.   How long does it take for my mobile phone number to be updated by the Bank?
Your mobile phone number will be updated in 3 working days from the date of our receipt of your request.
  9.   Can I receive the OTP by SMS to complete online 3D Secure transactions if I use an overseas mobile phone number?
Yes, as long as your mobile phone number is kept updated in our records, you will receive the OTP by SMS for completing online 3D Secure transactions. For overseas mobile phone number, please provide the country code and area code.
  10.   Will I incur any charges for receiving the OTP by SMS?
You will not be charged for incoming local SMS. However, if you receive an OTP by SMS while travelling overseas, there may be an incoming charge for the SMS depending on the country’s telecommunications companies.