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The top 3 security tips

Keep you safe online

Strong technologies

Our banking systems are managed by skilled experts and protected by the best security technology available. Manage your money online with confidence and security. Read on to find out what we do to protect your online accounts.

Secure systems

Standard Chartered constantly monitors all threats and online activities round the clock to detect any fraud early and take preventive measures to ensure your accounts are safe.

Protect your details

Protect your devices

Ensure all your computers, mobile phones, PDAs, portable devices, operating systems and Internet browsers (especially those used for online banking) are regularly updated with the latest software found in the market.

Secure your connections

A well designed and managed network keeps traffic and transactions free from intrusion.

Secure your data

While operating systems and web browsers do a good job of keeping your information secure and private, you may want to consider adding additional layers of security to your computer.

Latest online threats

Beware of Social Media Scams

Cyber criminals have come up with another way of stealing information by impersonating banks’ official social media accounts. This type of scam is known as ‘phishing’ and can happen when customers turn to Twitter or Facebook to ask for help with an issue.

Criminals use these opportunities to target customers and steal their information by using fake Twitter or Facebook accounts that look similar to banks’ official social media accounts. They reply to the customers and trick them into visiting a fake website or sharing security details.

The fake websites found via the links in the emails or messages that these cyber criminals send are designed to look exactly like the banks’ original websites. The customer is prompted to enter information such as their login username and password which can then be used by the criminals for fraud or theft.

What can I do to prevent such scams?

  • • Be vigilant about these types of social media attacks and use the verified channels when seeking help.
  • • Look out for the blue verified badge on the Bank’s official social media accounts.
  • • Never give out any information unless you have initiated the contact and never click on suspicious links to any websites.
  • • If you have any doubts about the identity of someone you are communicating with online, reach out to the Bank via the official customer care phone numbers and email addresses.

Know your threats

Real protection from malware and spyware require both technology and knowledge on what to look out for when you use the Internet. Do not hesitate when it comes to knowing your enemies.

Guard security threats

We’re committed to help you understand the latest online threats better, so that you can protect yourself and stay ahead of scammers. Stay up to date with the latest security alerts.

Secure your mobile

Protect your phone

Smartphones make up an integral part of our lives today. With mobile payments and banking becoming increasingly popular, it’s important to apply the same security measures to your mobile phone as you would to your computer

Smart mobile decisions

Even with a well-protected phone, you would still need to make smart decisions when you use it.

Smart social networking

Social networking makes staying in touch with friends and family easier than ever, but you should be careful about what you share online.

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Control your online security

We’ll never request your account information and password over the phone, via email or SMS. Contact us if you’ve accidentally disclosed your account details, or been subject to fraud.

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If you suspect of any unauthorized access or transactions, please call our Customer Service Hotline to immediately terminate your SC Online Banking access and any other access channels to your accounts such as ATM.