Online security

Online & Mobile security

We take protecting your finances seriously. All day, every day.


The top 3 security tips

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Always use a computer or device that you trust.

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Always log out after finishing an online banking session.

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Contact Standard Chartered immediately in case of suspicious activity.

Keeping you safe online

Online Security

Your security is our priority. We keep you safe with:

Monitoring & Alerts

We constantly monitor all online activities. When we identify something suspicious we take preventive measures to ensure your accounts are safe.

Protecting your details

Protect your devices

Ensure all your software, operating systems and internet browsers are up-to-date. You should:

Secure your connections

A well designed and managed network protects traffic and transactions from intrusion.

Secure your data

We encourage you to add extra layers of security to your devices.

Key online threats

Know the threats

The first steps in avoiding threats is knowing what to look for and how to protect against them.

Securing your mobile

Protect your phone

Mobile payments and banking are becoming increasingly popular and it’s important to apply the same security measures to your mobile phone as you would to your computer.

Smart social networking

Social networking lets you stay in touch with friends and family, but you should be careful about what you share online.

Contact us

Phishing / Voice Phishing

1. If you receive a suspicious email or phone call claiming to be from the us, forward the email with the attachments included or report the incident to 2. You should then delete the email immediately Please call our Customer Service Hotline immediately if you suspect any unauthorised access or transactions on your account.