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Need a break? Switch things up with these 5 Netflix alternatives

Don’t get us wrong — we love a good Netflix and Chill session if the occasion calls for it (editor’s note: we’re referring to the literal, PG meaning here), because of the comfort it brings. After all, who would say no to lounging in their comfiest outfit with a tub of ice cream or bag of chips in hand?

But of course, we’re also very aware of the post-Netflix guilt, especially when you realise that you’ve finished an entire series in one sitting, and when Netflix poses the dreaded “Are you still watching” question.

Are there other means of getting that dopamine/serotonin hit, perhaps in ways that are slightly more productive to our mental and physical well-being? Most definitely. In fact, we’ve rounded up our list of 5 tried and tested alternatives to Netflix, all of which can be downloaded on your phone or laptop!

#1 Monument Valley — The indie puzzle game which doubles up as amazing eye candy

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Meet what is probably the most beautiful game you’ll ever set your sights on. Inspired by Japanese minimalism and geometric prints with a Wes Anderson-esque colour palette, The Monument Valley series is an indie puzzle game which follows a young girl called Ida on a journey of redemption and forgiveness.

Despite its storyline, the main focus of the game is to solve seemingly impossible puzzles, as they often take the look of mind-boggling architectural designs (think M.C Escher). While guiding Ida through the various levels, you get to manipulate the structures in several ways, giving your brain a good workout without overstimulating it — perfect for an evening wind down or when you need a break from a stressful workday.

Why we like it: Amazing visuals with soothing effects. A great workout for the brain without it actually feeling like one. Plus, you get the satisfaction when you eventually complete the levels!

#2 Headspace — The perfect way to achieve clarity

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It’s been a rough year so far for many, especially with the recession and pandemic (still) in plain sight. With so much going on, it’s never been a better time to give yourself a mental health reboot! Headspace is an app which offers all the tools and resources you need to get started on your meditation and mindfulness practice.

Simple to use with an intuitive UX, navigate the endless amounts of courses to suit any need. For instance, there are audio guides for coping with anxiety and stress, as well as morning and evening meditation guides to ensure that you are always in your best frame of mind, no matter the hour of the day.

Why we like it: Easy to follow, and perfect for beginners looking to explore mindfulness techniques or to build a foundation in meditation. Plus, there are options of guides as short as a minute and as long as 20, making it suitable for anyone and everyone.

#3 Zombies, Run! — for the runners who needs an extra push

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For those put off by the very thought of running, this one’s for you. Zombies, Run! is an exergame (exercise + game, geddit?) that’ll turn your regular evening run into an adventure that’ll get your heart racing both literally and figuratively.

Turn on the app to begin your adventure. Once you’ve chosen your mission, pop your earphones in and start running. You’ll be given audio prompts along the way but your goal is simple: avoid the zombies at all costs!

Why we like it: Gives you an endorphin hit, while motivating you to take on healthier habits outside of home. Plus, who doesn’t love zombies?

#4 Audible — for your aural pleasure

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Sometimes, all you wanna do is unwind by slapping on a face mask and just relax after a long day of work. Enter Audible, the next best alternative to actually reading a book! It essentially offers spoken audio content, and in its comprehensive library, you can find an entire array of content, from radio shows to classic books.

Perfect for the busy millennial, simply pop in your headphones on your commute to and from work, when you’re prepping dinner or when you’re winding down for the night.

Why we like it: You get to stimulate your brain and let your imagination run free, all without being tied down to one spot. Perfect for those who hate picking up an actual book, and for those who are constantly on the move

#5 Fabulous — for you to stay on top of your schedule

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While not exactly an obvious alternative to Netflix, Fabulous does a good job at helping you stay on top of habits you’re hoping to create for yourself (and that, in turn, leaves you with a more positive frame of mind — same difference, right?).

It is essentially an app that guides you on your journey towards building better habits and rituals for yourself. With several different categories in their library to choose from, it helps you see the bigger picture and keeps your thoughts a little more structured.

Why we like it: Gorgeous interface which makes goal setting and habit making a little more fun! Plus, it offers a great reminder for why we should always celebrate the little wins, because more often than not, it’s through them that we achieve the goals we desire.

While we offer alternatives to Netflix, this is by no means a call for you to cut out your favourite source of entertainment completely! We’re all human after all, and it’s understandable that especially after a long day, kicking back with the TV on is probably the only thing you want to do. Remember that self care and productivity takes on many different forms, so don’t feel pressured to give your routine a complete overhaul. Enjoy the process as you explore!

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