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Get your groove on – our favourite playlists for different moods

Sc sg our favourite playlists

Music. Probably a distant relative of magic, judging by its ability to make you laugh, cry and feel all sorts of emotions, in a span of a few minutes. We’ve all been there — listening to sad songs on repeat when we’re sad, or binging on love songs when we’re… well, in love. It plays an ever-so important role in our lives, whether it’s helping us cope with difficult periods or being the catalyst for when we want to let our hair down.

And music, of course, is best enjoyed when shared with the masses. With that, here’s our compilation of songs according to three distinct moods not unfamiliar to us. So plug in, close your eyes, and let the wonders of music take you away.

Sc sg our favourite playlists

Listen when… you’re in need of a good pick-me-up. Whether it’s at the start of a new week or halfway through the day, get your energy levels going with this playlist. Featuring an eclectic mix of oldies and alternative music, it’s time to get your groove on!


  1. Raingurl — Yaeji
  2. No Pressure — The Kooks
  3. Sunroof — courtship.
  4. Shake It Out — Florence + The Machine
  5. Starry Night — Peggy Gou
  6. Dancing Queen — ABBA
  7. How You Like That — BLACKPINK
  8. Shake It Off — Taylor Swift
  9. Don’t Stop Me Now — Queen
  10. A Sky Full of Stars — Coldplay

Sc sg our favourite playlists

Listen when… you’re in need of some alone time, away from the world with music that makes you acutely aware of your feelings. The best way to tide through the rough days is to go with the flow, and embrace your emotions no matter how intense they are. Pair this playlist with your comfiest outfit, a soothing cup of tea, and some rain, if you’re lucky!


  1. Somewhere Only We Know — Keane
  2. Stop This Train — John Mayer
  3. Come On Mess Me Up — Cub Sport
  4. 泡沫 — G.E.M
  5. Chasing Pavements — Adele
  6. Transatlanticism — Death Cab for Cutie
  7. Butterfly — BTS
  8. when the party’s over — Billy Eilish
  10.  如果雨之後 — Eric Chou

Sc sg our favourite playlists

Listen when… you want to decompress after a long day or week. Perfect for the nights you want to gaze up at the sky, and get lost in your thoughts. Also great when unwinding with friends and loved ones on a quiet evening. Cosy up!


  1. no song without you — HONNE
  2. Terukir Di Bintang — Yuna
  3. Easily — Bruno Major
  4. Lover Boy — Phum Viphurit
  5. One More Love Song — Mac DeMarco
  6. Myth — Beach House
  7. Airplane — j-hope
  8. Where’d All The Time Go? — Dr. Dog
  9. Amor Papaya en Invierno— Carlos Sadness
  10. Cameos — Swimming Tapes

Music is the universal language that’s meant to be shared and enjoyed by the world over. We hope that this collection of playlists will help guide you through your days, no matter the mood! Plus, we hope you’ll be able to discover some new favourite songs too!

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