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United Kingdom

Standard Chartered wins at the Fast Payer Awards 2023

on 6 Dec 2023

For the second year in a row, Standard Chartered has been awarded the Fast Payer Award by Good Business Pays. This award recognises companies in the UK that have demonstrated the best payment performance to their suppliers over the past year, including paying at least 95% of invoices on time and within 27 days or less. Of the 5K+ companies that report payment term, only 6% have received this distinction.

Darren Ellis, CFO, UK & Europe, Standard Chartered, commented: “Our suppliers are part of our community and it is essential that we treat them with the respect they are due. Timely payments reflect our commitment to excellence and showcase our brand promise of here for good. We are proud of the transparency, trust and strong relationships we continue to prioritise with our suppliers.”

Access Good Business Pays’ press release for more information on the Fast Payer Awards 2023

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