It’s this easy to increase your SofortKredit:

The fastest way to apply for your new SofortKredit is online. In the application form you can let us know what should happen with the current residual balance of your existing SofortKredit.

Apply online now

You can also apply for your SofortKredit simply by phone. Our employees will be happy to complete the form for you. Please have the following information ready for the approximately ten minute call:

  1. Personal information
    e.g. your name, address, telephone numbers etc.
  2. Information about your profession
    e.g. since when have you been working for your current employer
  3. Information about your income
    such as your salary (net monthly or gross yearly) and possible additional income (e.g. children´s allowance, rent etc.)
  4. Information about your monthly expenses
    such as your rent incl. utilities, insurance premiums, loan instalments, leasing rates and other fixed charges
  5. Your current bank details
    Account number / bank code as well as IBAN and BIC

Please call our customer service: 069 770750 - 444
(Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm)

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