From here, possibilities are everywhere

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world’s most dynamic markets

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For over 170 years we've connected our clients to the world's most dynamic markets. Whether it's growing wealth through cross border investments, financing business innovation or helping you plan for the future you want, we always look to go beyond expectations. Because we're Standard Chartered, and we're here for good. 

With you every step of the way

Whether you're an individual or global multinational, we offer the expertise, scale and reach to help you thrive

Possibilities are everywhere

From local insight to global ambition

On-the-ground expertise matters. Our wealth hubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE and Jersey help you access international investment opportunities

Possibilities are everywhere

From potential to prosperity

We connect high growth markets in trade, investment and capital flows, with bespoke products and financing to support your ambitions


From imagination to realisation

We help corporations innovate for the future, offering smooth transactions for the innovators turning bright ideas into growth opportunities

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Whatever your ambitions, we're with you every step of the way

Possibilities are everywhere

Banking for companies

Connect to the world's most dynamic markets and unlock growth

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Grow and manage your wealth internationally to make the most of life's possibilities