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Asia’s trusted wealth manager

Priority International Banking

Asia’s trusted wealth manager. Linking you to a world of wealth opportunities

Welcome to Priority International Banking

We make international banking easy, seamless, and secure.

Your success is our business

Grow your wealth globally

Seamless banking experience

Solutions for your aspirations

Your success is our business

Your success is our business

We’ve got the global network deep expertise and innovative vision to meet all your banking needs.

  • Your success is our business
    • Standard Chartered Bank is the first bank in Malaysia to offer Wealth Financing facility in foreign currencies with the capability of cross currency borrowing, comes with the convenience of banking via video, audio, and chat for both the Personal and Priority Banking segments. This expertise in pioneering banking innovations, serves Malaysia as the ideal landscape to invest with confidence.

    • As a leading international bank with over 160 years of experience, we provide a truly global presence to help you manage your wealth, while helping to capitalize on rich investment opportunities worldwide.

Grow your wealth globally

Grow your wealth globally

We offer global insights, personalised investment and digital solutions for you to make the right decisions.

  • Grow your wealth globally
    • Transact in over 200 Mutual Funds and track performance of your portfolio via SmartDirect on SC Mobile. You can also access a diverse selection of local and global fund solutions available in over 5 different currencies. Get our expert investment advisors to craft fund portfolios personalised to your needs and transact digitally from the comfort of your smartphone.

    • A real time FX conversion platform for capturing market opportunities. Gain market insights and place limit orders on-the-go. You can also set price alerts and receive instant notifications when the market rate reaches your target.

    • Take advantage of foreign currencies and our flexible investment choices. You can choose from either a Foreign Currency Savings Account and Fixed Deposit Account, or both. Plus, gain more opportunities to diversify with 11 major foreign currencies.

    • Grow your wealth with Malaysian Ringgit and Foreign Currency Bonds. Diversify your portfolio and balance out higher-risk asset classes by including investments in bonds/sukuk. Plus, you can also receive regular cash pay outs annually, semi-annually, or quarterly.

    • A short-term investment solution to capitalize on equity market opportunities while earning regular income.

      Fixed Coupon – Certainty of coupon payment regardless of market performance
      Short Tenure – Only 3 to 12 months investment horizon
      Highly Customisable – Your choice of underlying stocks, coupon rate, tenure and other parameters*

      *Parameters include Strike, Knock-in and Knock-out levels

Seamless Banking Experience

Seamless banking experience

Whether traveling, working overseas or even relocating your family, our global network will help you with all your banking and financial needs.

  • Seamless banking experience
    • Complete account opening forms easily at selected countries with a designated offshore bank without having to travel.

    • Receive the same priority status across 30 markets in Asia, Africa and in the Middle East.

    • Grow and protect your wealth with a passionate team of Relationship Managers and Wealth Specialists.

    • Link and view multiple accounts in different countries in a single view.

Solutions for aspirations

Solutions for your aspirations

  • Solutions for your aspirations
    • Enjoy exceptional services and advice tailored to your financial needs. Find out more here.

    • Helping you win your way with personalised wealth solutions and exclusive privileges. Find out more here.

Take your wealth to the next level