The changing faces of fraud

Globally, US$4 trillion is projected to be lost to fraud each year, as fraudsters become more adept at using technology. More than two in five consumers worldwide have experienced fraud online.

Staying secure in the digital age

Digital technology has made our lives easier and more convenient, but it's also made it easier for fraudsters to trick and cheat us. Learn how to spot and stop fraud, and what you can do to prevent fraud on your accounts.

More and more people are falling victim to fraud each year.

Any person, business or entity can be a target. In today’s growing digitization, fraud can take many forms.

Mobile payment, man using mobile for online shopping.

Personal Account

Fraud can take place anytime, anywhere. Do not be a victim.

Male boss is in progress a meeting while using a digital tablet

Corporate Account

Companies are not free from being fraud targets. Learn how to protect your company.

Report fraud

If you suspect your account is subject to fraud, immediately report this to us.
Promptly reporting the incident, even if you're unsure, increases your chance of recovery and prevents further losses.