Standard Chartered appreciates the importance of developing a safe, secure and reliable online environment in the provision of internet services to our clients. We continuously seek to enhance our services to our clients. Therefore, Standard Chartered is committed to ensure and provide the following:

Safe Operations

Keeping clients' money and information secure has always been a central part of our banking policy. We continually invest in developing and implementing enhanced security measures. Our computer systems utilise secured encryption technology and authentication techniques to protect clients’ data and ensure a safe delivery channel for data transmission between client and Standard Chartered. We also implement strict security controls and procedures to prevent the risk of unauthorised access to clients’ details.

Privacy of Client Information

The Website Privacy Statement explains the approach taken by Standard Chartered towards the personal information and data that we collect. We will always treat clients’ information confidential and use good practices to keep it secure. In addition, we will abide to the relevant data protection and privacy laws.

You may view our Data Protection and Privacy Statement for further details on our commitment towards ensuring our clients' privacy.

Reliable and Quality Services

Standard Chartered is committed to providing reliable and quality services to our clients. We are constantly training our staff to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver the services you desire. We also continuously invest in new products and information technology to enable the delivery of quality services which are reliable and best suited to our clients' needs. We have structured our operations to achieve a more streamlined and automated process, while maintaining the flexibility to cater to clients’ individual needs.

Transparency of Products and Services

We will endeavour to furnish fair and accurate disclosure of our products and services. We will also ensure that our descriptions and details of our products and services offered online are sufficiently clear and easily understood.

Prompt Response for Enquiries and Complaints

We welcome any comments, feedback or enquiries that will help us understand our clients better. We will attend to feedback and enquiries as soon as possible.

  • For Retail Clients, please contact our Client Care Centre: +603 7711 8888/ 1300 888 888 (local toll-free number) or email to:
  • For Corporate & Institutional and Commercial Banking Clients, please contact our Client Service Hotline: +603 2026 2611/ 1300 883 399 (local toll-free number) or email to: