Simple, secure and available almost anywhere.

The easier, faster, and more secure way to pay. It works almost anywhere* you can swipe or tap your credit card.

Special privileges

Not a Standard Chartered credit cardholder?

Apply before 31 December 2017 and get RM100 cashback upon activation within 45 days from your card approval date. Click here to view the list of credit cards available.

Get started with Samsung Pay

Simply register your credit cards by physically scanning each card, or manually inputting each card information into the app.

Pay with these three simple steps

  • Swipe up

    to launch Samsung Pay

  • Authenticate

    with your fingerprint or 4-digit pin

  • Tap

    your phone on the terminal to pay

Works almost anywhere*

Samsung Pay works at almost any retailer in Malaysia, making shopping or dining easier and more convenient than ever before.

  • MST

    Magnetic Secure Transmission

    Accepts payments up to RM250 only.

  • NFC

    Near Field Communication

    Accepts payments up to RM250. If the amount is more than RM250, a PIN is required.

Shop safely with peace of mind

When you use Samsung Pay, your actual credit card number is never shared with the merchant and is not stored on the device, further protecting your personal information.

  • Digital Tokenisation

    With Samsung Pay, each transaction uses an encrypted digital token to replace your personal payment information for added security.

  • Samsung KNOX

    The industry-leading Samsung KNOX security platform monitors malicious software and activities on the Galaxy devices installed with Samsung Pay.

*Availability almost anywhere is based on compatibility of Samsung Pay on MST and/or NFC payment terminals, with some supported for use only after software upgrades. Samsung Pay is exclusive to selected Samsung Galaxy smartphones only, and available across all participating payment networks, banks, and merchants. Availability may vary, please check for updates. Samsung Pay works with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, A5 (2016,2017), A7 (2016,2017), A9 Pro, S8 and S8+.

Note: Samsung Pay is not available for Standard Chartered Corporate credit cards.


What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment service which can be used to make purchases nearly everywhere. It enables the use of your Standard Chartered credit cards by leveraging a new proprietary technology called Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC) to make mobile payments more accessible to both merchants and consumers.

What are Samsung Pay main features?

Samsung Pay main features are its proprietary MST technology and its NFC payments capability which makes it the most accepted mobile payment solution.

What is MST?

Magnetic Secure Transmission or MST is a groundbreaking method of sending data using magnetic waves. MST replicates a card swipe by wirelessly transmitting magnetic waves from the supported Samsung device to a standard card reader. MST turns every card reader into a contactless payment receiver.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication or NFC is a method of wirelessly transmitting data using radio waves. All mobile wallets use NFC to wirelessly transmit payment data to payment terminals with NFC readers that have been activated for use.

What is the difference between MST and NFC technology?

A transaction made by MST is up to RM250 only while NFC can be above RM250 but a PIN is required.

Which devices will support Samsung Pay?

At the moment, Samsung Pay works with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, A5 (2016,2017), A7 (2016,2017), A9 Pro, S8 and S8+.

Can Samsung Pay make online or in-app purchases?

No, Samsung Pay is focused on enabling simple and secure in-store payments. Online and in-app purchases will be considered for future releases of Samsung Pay.

How do I perform a transaction on Samsung Pay?

i. Initiate Samsung Pay by either swiping up from the home button or opening the Samsung Pay app from the home screen.
ii. Select the credit card you want to pay with by swiping left or right.
iii. Verify your fingerprint and tap your phone on the payment receiver to complete the transaction. Alternatively, enter your 4-digit Samsung Pay PIN if you have chosen not to use the fingerprint feature.

How do I remove a credit card from the Samsung Pay app?

Launch Samsung Pay, select the credit card you want to remove, click "3 Dots" icon at the top right corner, and select "Delete Card".

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

If your device is lost or stolen, you can use Samsung’s Find My Mobile service to Lock Samsung Pay (remotely disable) or to Wipe Samsung Pay (remove all the payment cards registered onto your device).

Can I use Samsung Pay in foreign countries?

If you can use your credit card in the country you are travelling to, you should be able to use Samsung Pay to make a payment.

Do I need to enable overseas usage on Samsung Pay?

No, you don’t need to.

Can I install Samsung Pay if my phone is rooted?

You can never use Samsung Pay on rooted Galaxy phones which is a process of tampering and modifying the software code on the device. This helps ensure a more secure user experience.

Can I download Samsung Pay from Google Play Store?

No, Samsung Pay will be pre-loaded into compatible devices. A firmware update will be sent to the device to ensure it is up-to-date to enable the latest Samsung Pay app installation. Currently only Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ can download Samsung Pay from Google Play Store.

Why do I need a Samsung account?

Your Samsung account enables you to locate your phone and to remotely suspend your token cards if your phone is lost. Removing Samsung account will remove Samsung Pay functionality.

Do I need to have an active internet connection?

You need an active internet connection for credit card registration and activation. However, an active internet connection is not required to make purchases. Ideally, the device should connect to the internet so that you can view the transaction history on your device and keep your software updated.

Can I see my purchases via my device?

Select the credit card and you will be able to see up to 10 latest transactions within the last 30 days under the "Transactions" section.

How is my default payment card in Samsung Pay determined?

There is no "default" credit card in Samsung Pay. When you open the app or activate the “Favourite Cards” feature by swiping up from the Home Key on supported screens, the first card displayed is either the last card you registered or the last card you viewed or used.

Can I use my device at an ATM?

It currently does not work at ATMs.

How do I set up my card with Samsung Pay?

Follow these steps to install and activate your Samsung Pay.
i. Check if your device is compatible with Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay works with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, A5 (2016,2017), A7 (2016,2017) and A9 Pro. Other newer flagship models will follow.
ii. Ensure your device software is updated to the latest Android OS.
iii. Launch the Samsung Pay app and sign in with your Samsung Account.
iv. Add your Standard Chartered credit cards by following the on-screen instructions.

How many of my fingerprints can I add for Samsung Pay?

You can register up to 4 fingerprints.

Which payment cards can I register?

You can register all Standard Chartered credit cards except the Corporate credit cards.

The credit card image I see on the device does not match my physical card. Is there an issue with my credit card?

No. The credit card displayed may not always exactly match the physical card. The key points to look for are:
i. Standard Chartered Bank logo
ii. The card network (Visa or MasterCard®)
iii. The last four digits of the physical credit card

How many credit cards can I register?

You can register up to 10 credit cards with Samsung Pay.

Can I register the same credit card with more than one device across Samsung devices?

Each Standard Chartered credit card can only be registered one time irrespective of how many Samsung devices you have.

How long will it take for my credit card to activate after registering?

The average amount of time between the request for activation and approval will be within minutes, but can take up to 10 minutes after any additional verification requirements have been met. If this amount of time has been exceeded, remove the credit card from your phone and register it again.

Can I use Wi-Fi to register my credit card?

Yes. However, for the best experience, the device should have a SIM card installed. If you encounter any issues when registering the credit card over Wi-Fi, we suggest switching to a cellular data connection.

Can I register my credit card into Samsung Pay when I am outside Malaysia?

Yes. However, attempting to register and activate a credit card while you are outside Malaysia will require you to have the ability to receive your One Time Password (OTP) via SMS to the registered mobile number with the Bank.

What should I do if I have an issue adding a payment card?

You need to have an active internet connection when adding a payment card. Please verify that you are connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection.
Each Standard Chartered credit card can only be registered one time irrespective of how many Samsung devices you have.

Can a supplementary credit card be registered?

Yes. A supplementary credit card can be used. However, the activation OTP will be sent to the Principal credit cardholder's registered mobile number with the bank. Subsequent transactions on supplementary credit cards will be treated as transactions on the principal credit card.

What should I do if I lose my original payment card and then receive a replacement credit card?

If you lose your original payment card and then receive a replacement credit card, you need to remove the original payment card from Samsung Pay and re-register using the new credit card.

How secure is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay uses Tokenisation, a Secure Environment, and Samsung KNOX to secure your payment information. Additionally, verification can be made either with your fingerprint or a 4-digit PIN when making purchases.

How is Samsung KNOX used with Samsung Pay?

Samsung KNOX runs scans to see if your device is secure. Samsung KNOX will permanently disable Samsung Pay on a compromised device in order to protect your payment information.

What is Tokenisation?

Tokenisation is a method of replacing your sensitive payment card information (credit card number, expiration date, security code, etc.) with a device-specific ‘Token’ which acts as a surrogate value. In mobile payments, Tokens are used to protect your payment information and to reduce the security risks inherent to plastic cards. The token is called Digital Personal Account Number for Samsung Pay. Your physical credit card information is never stored in your phone.

What if I change my phone?

You would need to register your credit cards again if you were to change your phone as no data will be stored in the application.

Is my bank account detail secured?

Yes. Samsung does not have access to your bank account details.

What if I format my device?

Formatting your device will remove all payment cards registered to your device.

What happens if my phone does not recognise my fingerprint?

Please contact Samsung Customer Service Rep at 1 800 88 9999 or +603 7713 7477 (call from Overseas).

If I send in my phone for repair, do I have to reset my Samsung Pay?

Yes, you will have to reset your Samsung Pay to erase information from your credit cards before sending your phone for repair.

What happens if I reset my phone?

All information regarding payment cards in your device will be deleted.

How do I use "Find My Mobile"?

If your device is lost or stolen, information regarding payment cards will not be accessible without fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN.

What if my physical credit card is up for renewal?

You will need to register your credit card again into Samsung Pay once you have received the physical renewed card.

How do I erase my lost device?

Please contact Samsung Customer Service Rep at 1 800 88 9999 or +603 7713 7477 (call from Overseas).

My phone sometimes can't read my fingerprint.

It might be difficult to scan your fingerprint at times. You can use your PIN to pay instead. However, if you fail to scan your fingerprint after 20 consecutive attempts and the Samsung Pay PIN has not been entered, Samsung Pay will remove the data from the app and de-register all linked credit cards.

Please contact Samsung Customer Service Rep at 1 800 88 9999 or +603 7713 7477 (call from Overseas).

Why is my transaction shown as successful but it is declined by the merchant terminal?

The merchant terminal's response is the most accurate response.Your phone may need some time to refresh the status of the transaction. With data connection, a successful or declined transaction will be shown in the transaction history.

What will happen to my physical credit card if I remove the card information from my phone?

When you remove a registered credit card, you will not be able to transact on your phone but it will not affect usage of your physical card.

How to cancel/void a transaction on my phone?

Cancelling a payment made with your phone is the same process as a physical credit card. You may need to go back to the merchant you made the purchase from and cancel the payment. If you are asked for the last 4 digits of your credit card, please use the last 4 digits of your Device Digital Personal Account Number instead of the last 4 digits of your physical credit card. To locate your Device Digital Personal Account Number for Samsung Pay, select the credit card, and look for Digital Personal Account Number located just below your card.

How many times can I retry after the countdown timer has reached its end?

You have 1 time to retry after the first timer has reached its end and the device has not detected a NFC or MST payment or has not received a notification of a successful payment. If you fail during the second time, you will need to authenticate with your fingerprint or PIN again.

My transaction was not successful and I was given an error message advising me that my battery was low.

Yes. You will need to have at least 5% battery life to ensure that in-store transactions on Samsung Pay are successful.

Is there a maximum amount for MST and NFC?

The maximum amount that a cardholder can use on MST is RM250, per payment transaction.
The maximum amount that a cardholder can use on NFC can be above RM250, per payment transaction but a PIN is required.
Cumulatively, the daily maximum amount of transaction(s) for both MST and NFC is cumulatively up to 5 times or a maximum of RM1,250 per day whichever comes first.
In this scenario, you can only use your Samsung Pay the next calendar day.

I do not see the "Samsung Pay" icon.

i. Check if your device is compatible with Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay works with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, Note 5, A5 (2016,2017), A7 (2016,2017) , A9 Pro, S8 and S8+ . Other newer flagship models with follow.
ii. Ensure your device software is updated to the latest Android OS.
iii. Only Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ can download Samsung Pay from Google Play Store.
However, for others eligible device, the app will be pre-loaded on your device.

Receive the same OTP when selecting "resend OTP" option.

The OTP to register a credit card is valid for 30 minutes. For Visa, if you request a resend of your OTP within 30 minutes, the same OTP will be resent. After 30 minutes, a new OTP will be triggered. A maximum of 5 different OTP resends is allowed. Otherwise, you will have to remove the card and register it again.
For MasterCard®, there is no OTP resend option. After 30 minutes, you have to remove the credit card and register it again.

My non-activated credit card cannot be added.

Please activate your credit card before adding it to Samsung Pay.

Why is my transaction declined?

There could be various reasons:
i. We have noticed that some of the merchants' terminals do not support Samsung Pay. This could be due to outdated software at the merchant terminal. Please use your physical credit card.
ii.If your physical credit card is blocked from transaction by the Bank , you will not be able to spend using Samsung Pay.
iii. If you have put your phone to “locked” mode, you cannot use your Samsung Pay.

My phone number is missing/outdated.

You will not be able to receive the OTP. Please update your mobile number with the Bank before adding your credit card.

Why can’t you help me to activate my Token?

For better client protection, it’s best for Token to be self-activated via OTP.

I have forgotten my Samsung account password.

Click here to restore using your Samsung ID.

The payment terminal does not respond to Samsung Pay but paying with a physical credit card is accepted.

Please contact Samsung Customer Service Rep at 1 800 88 9999 or +603 7713 7477 (call from Overseas).

What are the risks of using Samsung Pay?

i. The possibility of personal information being intercepted by a third party.
ii. The risk of having your device lost or stolen, jeopardizing your personal and financial information.
iii. The possibility that the transaction through the Digital Wallet was not properly authorised/used by you.
iv. The possibility that you will be liable for payments of transactions affected after device loss and theft.

Are there any safety tips I should note to address the risks of using Samsung Pay?

i. Be alert
Keep a vigilant eye on your mobile device.
ii. 3rd party use
Discourage the use of your mobile device by third parties.
iii. Update your software
Be sure to keep your phone software updated. It is recommended that the setting for “Download updates automatically” is always “checked/enabled”.
iv. Lock your phone
Protect your phone by enabling the inactivity lock feature, which requires a PIN/FINGERPRINT or any other verification method to gain access to your device.
v. Unique password
Use different password(s) periodically.
vi. Check your statements
Reconcile your credit card account statement on a regular basis.
vii. Change password
Change your password periodically.
viii. Turn off your NFC (Near Field Communications)
When not in use, turn off your device’s NFC connection under phone “settings”.
ix. Password storage
Do not store passwords or account numbers on your mobile phone.
x. Rooting
Never root or crack your Samsung device.
xi. Report to Standard Chartered 24-hour Customer Care Hotline at 1300 888 888 or +603 7711 8888 (call from Overseas) immediately when you suspect or come to realise that
a. Your credit card or device has been lost, stolen or tampered with.
b. Someone else knows your security code.
c. There has been unauthorised access to your credit card, security code or Digital Wallet.

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