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We over-delivered the employment plan in our Poland office

on 20 May 2021

Employment at Standard Chartered’s Warsaw-based office exceeded 750 people, which is the level the bank committed to in its market entry strategy announced in mid-2018. The bank has achieved this goal in less than three years from incorporation, which is much faster than initially planned.

We have committed to create 750 jobs within five years. I am very proud that we were able to deliver on this promise faster than assumed in the original plan, in less than three years. Moreover, we created our global service centre in Poland with intention to support the development of our customer base, mainly in European and the Americas. Meanwhile, many of our teams support our entire global network.

Anna Urbańska, CEO, Standard Chartered GBS Poland

The bank operates in Poland as a Global Business Services Centre, which focuses on providing specialized services to other companies from the Standard Chartered Group. The centre consists of 12 competence areas, the largest of which are financial crime compliance, cybersecurity, liquidity risk management and human resources management. The company is constantly developing the existing teams and establishing new ones; currently carrying out almost 190 recruitment projects.

Standard Chartered GBS Poland overdelivered its initial employment target in Poland - an infographic

Only in the second quarter of 2021, Standard Chartered GBS Poland created:

• a team of programmers supporting the development of the “banking as a service” platform, which was launched in Indonesia and will be rolled out other markets in Asia, as well as in Africa and the Middle East,
• a team of analysts specialized in the assessment of environmental and social risks related to the activities of the bank’s clients,
• a team responsible for advisory and analysis in the area of ​​financial planning and management information (“plan to perform”).

I am glad that we have managed to achieve such great results in the very competitive labour market in Poland. The world-class talent pool in this market attracts many global players to establish their businesses in Warsaw to supporting various processes. We focused on complex, experience- and knowledge-based roles, precisely defining our focus areas. The opportunity to participate in building teams and a new banking brand in Poland was an important attractor for the candidates. It doesn’t happen very often that one of the leading international banks starts operating on a new market. Along with the growth of our company, the prospect of working with the best experts in the industry who decided to join us in the first year of operation was also among the factors that attracted the attention of candidates. We offer our employees an opportunity to deliver on a global scale without the need to move outside Poland and to grow their skillset alongside the dynamic development of the company and the creation of new teams. The role of our recruiters & managers was crucial in translating this offer into a recruitment success. Thanks to their competences and commitment, we have over-delivered in the promise made when the bank entered the Polish market. We focus on further development of the company, both in terms of the size of our team as well as the scope of services we provide.

Anna Urbańska

In 2020, Standard Chartered moved to a new office in one of the most modern facilities in Poland, The Warsaw Hub. The space occupied by the bank across the top floors of the tower B of this complex currently covers approx. 5.000 square meters. Before the end of 2021, after the last of the floors provided for in the ten-year lease agreement is handed over, it will increase to almost 7.000 square meters. This modern and functional office is one of the locations that Standard Chartered employees use under the company’s flexible working system. This system allows to combine work from the office with work from another location (e.g. from home or from a coworking space, both in Warsaw and in other parts of Poland) at the employee’s request and in various configurations. Employees may indicate both the location and time of work during the day within the framework of the business needs for a given position and solutions specified by the provisions of Polish labour law.

The activity of Standard Chartered on the Polish market is not limited to strictly business activities. The bank is also involved in supporting the local community, including fighting with the pandemic (for which in 2020 it made donations worth approx. PLN 600,000, and this year, together with Enactus, is implementing a program supporting young Poles in coping with the economic impact of the pandemic), promoting diversity (initiatives targeted at improving gender balance in technology industries such as Women in Tech Days or Cyber ​​Women Community) or helping people with different ability levels  to realise  their potential (Poland Business Run). Standard Chartered is also an active citizen of the local business community, being a member of the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) and the Heart’s Corporate Innovators Club (The Heart).