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Watch the replay: Scandinavia Special Edition – Post US Election Webinar

on 19 Nov 2020
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Watch the replay of our Scandinavia Special Edition – Post US Election Webinar which took place on 12 Nov 2020, hosted by Securities Services and Global Research, Standard Chartered, where we discussed the economic outlook following the results from the US election for our Nordic clients.

Topics: Review of market reactions post the election · US election impact on global trade tensions · Potential impact to proposed tax policies · US election effect on China / US relations and Asian economies · Given the geopolitical dynamics, the impact to Securities Financing

Moderator: Sverre Hana, CEO & Head of Banking, Nordics


Steve Englander, Managing Director, Head of G10 FX Strategy, FX and North American Macro Research

Shuang Ding, Managing Director, Head GCNA Economic Research

Sunil Daswani, Global Head of Securities Lending