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Smart health you need at home

We’re always looking for ways to better our health. But with our busy schedules, it’s easy to lose track of the routines we need to maintain to stay healthy. Fortunately, we have great helping hands these days – technology! It could be wearable healthcare devices, meditation aids, or portable exercise tech, and they all have one thing in common – they come along with health apps that send information on how to be healthier straight to your phone. And today, with COVID-19 where we are staying at home more than ever, we need the right tech to help us keep up with our health journeys, even at home.

So, here are six health devices that will put you on the right track. These are also relatively affordable, so you can get smart helping hands without breaking the bank!

Six health devices for the Smart Singaporean

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Food Marble: The breathalyser test for your digestive system

Personal digestive tracker

Do you know what food’s best for you? Food Marble can tell you, and all you need to do is… breathe. Food Marble uses breath analysis and a connected app to measure how well users absorb different types of foods. This means you can identify which foods you can digest best, and which are triggering for your digestive system. Simply breathe into the device, and have all the information sent to your phone in an easy-to-read report.

Price: €169(S$270)

Learn more here:

Muse Headband: The headband that helps you meditate

Brain sensing headband

If you find it difficult to get into the zone when meditating, you can try the Muse Headband. Just by wearing it, you’ll get real-time feedback on your mental activity, heart rate, body movements and more. Based on the data, the headband gives you soundscapes that change based on your level of calmness. For example, if it senses that you’re getting distracted, it gently nudges you back into the zone by playing stronger weather sounds. Hello, zen! 

Price: US$199 to US$309 (S$266 to S$413)

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Gyenno Cup: The cup that reminds you to drink water

Smart cup with a screen

Too busy to remember to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day? Check out this smart cup. The Gyenno Cup enables you to personalise and set a target amount to drink based on factors such as your weight and environment. It will remind you to get your hydration fix throughout the day by vibrating. Vibrate equals time to drink! Furthermore, the cup can advise on healthy drinking habits, tell you the temperature of your water, give you the time, weather, and even when it’s time to clean your cup! 

Price: US$122 (S$160)

Learn more here:

Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush: The toothbrush that’s supported by AI

A smart sensor toothbrush

An AI toothbrush? Yes, please! With this intelligent electric toothbrush, you’ll get smart tech that can draw up a detailed report of your brushing habits, including durations and zones brushed. There’s even a feature to share how you can achieve an even better brush – for example, by telling you if you have managed to get to typically hard-to-reach zones. Here’s to cleaner and stronger teeth! 

Price: US$99.95 (S$134)

Learn more here:

Beddit: The device that works while you sleep

Sleep monitor

As it says on its website, “just sleep, and it will handle the rest”. Beddit tracks your sleep so that you will have the information you need to sleep better.  You’ll find out about factors such as heart rate, breathing, snoring, and bedroom temperature and humidity. You can also get tips on improving your sleep sent to your phone. Some people “make their money grow when they sleep” – now you can better your health even when you’re asleep. Sorry, Android users – this is for iPhone users only. 

Price: S$219

Learn more here:

FitBit: The all-in-one health tracker for your everyday needs

Wearable fitness tracker

One of the biggest names in fitness tracking wearables, Fitbit makes fitness trackers, both basic and advanced, and at a wide range of prices. It’s your very own personal assistant via its fitness tracker app to monitor every part of your day, from your weight, to things you eat, as well as your exercise and sleep patterns. Tracking your own health has never been easier. Also, heads up (#notanad)! Fitbit is partnering the Health Promotion Board where you can get selected models at marked down prices, or even pay in instalments. 

Price:S$88 to S$488

Learn more here:

Investing in health

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