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We are in a era where timely information is crucial. We ensure that information that is important to our clients and communities is communicated in a timely manner.

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.25

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 25

The BoT has issued some Guidance on Giving Assistance to the Debtors Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. For more details, please click here for BoT guidelin

Group’s Annual Report 2020

Pillar 3 disclosures

LCR disclosures

Summary Statement of assets and liabilities

Annual reports

Financial reports/statements

Shareholders forms

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Corporate Income Tax Refund (PromptPay)

Privacy Statement

Thailand Privacy Statement

Thailand Privacy Statement for Events

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Information Cyber Security Customer Awareness Communication

Beware of the dangers of phishing

Beware of malware

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Are you sharing with cyber criminals?

Dividend payment

Dividend payment (Year 2022)

Dividend payment (Year 2021)

Dividend payment (Year 2020)

Dividend payment (Year 2019)

Retail Banking Business Transfer to TISCO

SCBT successfully completed Retail Banking business transfer to TISCO

Standard Chartered Bank (Thai) Pcl reaffirms commitment to continually serving Corporate & Institutional Banking and Commercial Banking clients

Retail Banking business transfer

Sample client letters on Retail Banking business transfer in Thailand

Interest Rates & Fees Announcement

Interest Rates & Fees Announcements

Tax Payment Cut-off time

Trade and Transaction purpose

Trade Service Levels

Trade Finance Forms

Global Master Trade Terms

Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit Terms and Conditions

Transaction Purpose Code (Effective on January 2020)

Transaction Purpose Code for Non-Resident Baht Account (Effective on January 2020)

Change of Account Services due to Covid-19 Situation dated 22 Jul 2021 (Thai Version)

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Straight2Bank Application Form

Remittance Application Form**

Remittance Application Form FAQ

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