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interest rates

Present Announcement of Interest Rate and Fee

Announcement Effective Date Download
1   Deposit Rates    
  1.1 Retails, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
  1.2 Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients 29 June 2020 Download
2. 2.1 Deposit Rates for foreign currency deposits 18 Aug 2021 Download
  2.2 Foreign currency deposits withdrawal and deposit fee 25 Oct 2017 Download
  2.3 Foreign Currency Deposits Conditions and Fee 25 Oct 2017 Download
3   Bill of Exchange
4Loan Interest Rate28 May 2021Download
5   Fee of Deposit Product 10 2020    
  5.1 Retail Bank (Individual Client)
  5.2 Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
  5.3 Corporate & Institutional Banking Clients 20 Aug 2020 D

6   Other Fees and Expenses
6.1Securities Services Fee1 Dec 2020Download
7Trade Services Tariff1 March 2021Download
8   Interest Rate, Service Fees and any Expenses for Personal Loan customers under the Instalment Loan product approved by Bank
9   Interest Rates, Service Charges, Fees and Other Expenses    
  9.1 Credit Card
10   Loan Interest Rate, Penalties, Service Charges, Expenses and other service fees for Automobile Loan (Auto money)

Click here for Historical Interest Rate and Fee.