• Cost control

    We help you control unnecessary expenditure associated with complicated management fees

  • Easy savings

    We help you save on management fees incurred from frequent remittance transactions

  • Zero fees

    We charge zero fees for foreign currency inward and outward remittances or cash exchange

  • Attractive rates

    We offer preferential FX rates, low commissions and over-the-counter NTD remittance charges


Cost Control: Our Programs Help You Save

Standard Chartered helps you negate the worry associated with numerous complicated management fees and save unnecessary expenditure, no matter your company is large or small.

Easy Savings From Transaction Commissions

When it comes to the management fees, Standard Chartered’s International Trade Account offers a wide range of preferential benefits that ensure efficient cost control in your company. Tailor-made NTD/DBU/OBU accounts help you control fees incurred from frequent remittance transactions, save you money and give you a competitive edge.

Service For You: Zero Fees

We offer you more for less with the International Trade Account:

  • Zero fees for foreign currency outward or inward remittance
  • Zero fees for foreign currency cash exchange
  • 5 free inter-bank withdrawals and transfers per month
Saving You Money: We Offer Attractive Rates

The International Trade Account offers you the following beneficial rates:

  • Preferential exchange rates
  • Preferential over-the-counter NTD remittance charges
  • Low commissions for import/export trading companies
Tailor-Made Services to Help Your Business Access the International Markets

We're dedicated to providing solutions that can better meet your requirements. In addition to managing Domestic Business Unit (DBU) deposits, the International Trade Account also enables you to open Offshore Business Unit (OBU) accounts to:

  • Lower costs on various remittance commissions
  • Manage operating capital using designated accounts
  • Utilise OBU capital with flexibility
Financial Plans For You: We Consolidate Your Needs
  • Our professional advisors offer recommendations and customised consulting services
  • Our consolidated accounts make cash management and foreign currency transactions Flexible and convenient
  • Phone/Internet wealth management services allow you to better manage your foreign currency transactions at any time or place
  • Monthly consolidated statements help you to monitor and control your company foreign currency/cash flow status at any time of the month


    1. This product is limited to applications from corporate accounts, sole proprietorships or partnerships. It is not applicable for personal accounts.

    2. Customers can choose to use either a NTD or USD account as the designated International Trade Account; however, both demand deposit account opening documents and the designated account agreement must be signed accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

Agreement Terms
    1. NTD Account: An account management fee of NTD 200 is applicable to designated accounts with an average balance of less than NTD 200,000 in any one specific month. The month runs from 21st of the previous month to the 20th of the next month

    2. USD Account: An account management fee of USD10 is applicable to designated accounts with an average balance of less than USD10,000 in any one specific month. The month runs from the 1st to the end of that month

    3. Termination of the agreement or clearing of the account: The Company agrees that termination of the agreement or clearing of the account will not be conducted until 6 months after the signing of the aforementioned agreement and overdue account management fee has been completely paid off

Terms & Conditions
    1. Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited reserves the rights to modify product benefits at any time. Contents of modification shall be based on announcement on the bank's website

    2. Other related reminders shall follow the terms stipulated in the International Trade Account Agreement. For more information about the International Trade Account, please visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch or contact your customer relationship manager

    3. Service Hotline
      For fixed-line telephone, please call: 4051-0088
      For mobile phone, please call: (02)4051-0088

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