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Specialized Finance

Specialized Finance Overview

We provide highly specialized services in the fields of project & export finance and structured finance to meet diverse client needs.

Project & Export Finance

Providing support utilizing various financing structures for international projects and businesses

By utilizing local government and business connections through our global network, we are able to provide support for Japanese clients employing various financing structures for developing new projects or businesses, or acquiring existing businesses, overseas.

Specifically, we offer;

  • Project financing
  • Advice on corporate valuation and acquisition strategy
  • Limited-recourse project financing
  • We can also arrange long-term financing using a public export credit scheme for Japanese clients who are exporting equipment overseas.

Structured Finance

Structured Finance provides asset backed debt & leasing expertise across various asset classes to our clients and suppliers. Structured financing solutions include Asset Based Loans and Leases, etc. Representative assets are variety of aircrafts, vessels, heavy equipments, logistic equipments, etc.