• Flexible capital

    Designed to enhance your working capital, Business Saver pays interest on your transaction accounts.

  • High returns

    Our NTD or USD Business Saver accounts offer tiered interest rates, maximizing your returns.


Two Major Advantages to Help You Better Manage Your Cash
  • The more deposit balance you have, the higher interest you will earn

    ntd account

    usd account

    Both the NTD and USD Business Saver accounts adopt tiered rates, which allows you to maximise the return on your deposit.

  • NTD Business Saver Account Interest Rate Table
    NTD amount Floating rates (%)
    $1 ~ $500,000 0.08%
    $500,001 ~ $5,000,000 0.25%
    $5,000,001 ~ $50,000,000 0.30%
    $50,000,001 ~ $100,000,000 0.35%
    $100,000,001 ~ 0.35%

    * Interest is paid based on different amount brackets.

  • USD Business Saver Account Interest Rate Table
    USD amount Floating rates (%)
    $1 ~ $15,000 0.08%
    $15,001 ~ $150,000 0.28%
    $150,001 ~ $1,000,000 0.58%
    $1,000,001 ~ $1,500,000 0.70%
    $1,500,001 ~ 0.70%

    * Interest is paid based on different amount.

Accrued Interest Calculation Example

NTD Business Saver Account
Assuming the Sun Rise Co., Ltd. opened a Business Saver NTD account and deposited NTD 8 million on 6th June. Calculation of interest for the day of June 6th shall be as follows:

  1. NTD 500,000 * 0.08% / 365 days = NTD 1.10
  2. NTD 4,500,000 * 0.25% / 365 days = NTD 30.82
  3. NTD 3,000,000 * 0.30% / 365 days = NTD 24.66

Interest for 6 June would be approximately NTD 56.58

Please note: The same process applies to calculate interest for the Business Saver USD account, however, we use 360 days to calculate the annual interest rate.


    1. This product is limited to applications from corporate accounts, sole proprietorships or partnerships. It is not applicable for personal accounts

    2. Customers can choose to use either a NTD or USD account as the designated Business Saver Account, and both demand deposit account opening documents and the designated account agreement must be signed accordingly

Terms and Conditions

Agreement Terms
    1. NTD Account: An account management fee of NTD 200 is applicable to designated accounts with an average balance of less than NTD 200,000 in any one specific month. The month runs from 21st of the previous month to the 20th of the next month

    2. USD Account: An account management fee of USD10 is applicable to designated accounts with an average balance of less than USD10,000 in any one specific month. The month runs from the 1st to the end of that month

    3. Termination of the agreement or clearing of the account: The Company agrees that termination of the agreement or clearing of the account will not be conducted until 6 months after the signing of the aforementioned agreement and overdue account management fee has been completely paid off

Terms & Conditions
    1. Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited reserves the rights to modify product benefits at any time. Contents of modification shall be based on announcement on the bank's website.

    2. Other related reminders shall follow the terms stipulated in the Business Saver Account Agreement. For more information, please visit your nearest Standard Chartered branch or contact your customer relationship manager

    3. Service Hotline
      For fixed-line telephone, please call: 4051-0088
      For mobile phone, please call: (02)4051-0088

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