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Credit Cards

Gold Visa/Mastercard Credit Card

Set yourself apart from the ordinary, with a Gold credit card.

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Visa Silver (Classic) Credit Card

Enter the world of benefits and rewards with Standard Chartered Silver Credit Card and delight yourself with unbeatable rewards and benefits.

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Platinum Visa/Mastercard Credit Card

As a Platinum Credit Cardholder, you will be entitled to an unparalleled range of benefits that no other Card can offer.

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Super Value Titanium Credit Card

Spending has never been more rewarding! Get cash back on your retail spends with Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium credit card!

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Visa Signature Credit Card

Enjoy a world of privileges with exclusive offers and benefits tailored only for you.

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Standard Chartered – Grameenphone Credit Card

Enjoy the ultimate in convenience and benefits with the Standard Chartered – Grameenphone credit card.

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Robi Elite Credit Card

Get unparalleled benefits, rewards and privileges.

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Visa Smart Platinum Credit Card

Outsmart challenges and do what you love.

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Fixed Deposit

Maximizing the growth potential of your savings safely.

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Current Account

A non interest bearing account offering full transactional benefits and convenience.

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Fast Current Account

A non interest bearing account with benefits to smoothen your everyday banking needs at no cost!

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Convertible & Non-Convertible Current Account

Receive funds in foreign currency and maintain the balance in Taka

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Resident Foreign Currency Deposit (RFCD) Account

An account offering resident Bangladeshis the ultimate convenience in managing and accessing foreign currency.

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Current Accounts for Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)

A suitable account for earning interest on your FCY term deposits.

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Super Savers

Super Savers Account comes with all benefits of a savings account having full transactional convenience.

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eSavers Account

eSavers Account is a unique Savings Account based on Remote Banking solutions bundled with customer value propositions.

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Super Savers Premium

Super Savers Premium Account offers premium savings rates, services & conveniences while your savings grow at a premium pace!

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School Banking Account

A Savings Account for those kids who aspire to be more responsible from a young age.

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Personal Loans

Personal Loan

Our Personal Loan will help you meet your needs so that you never have to compromise with all that life has to offer.

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Personal Loan Top Up


Home Loan

Buy your dream home with easy financing solution featuring competitive interest rates and unrivalled level of service.

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Home Credit

We can finance the renovation / extension work of your existing property or the purchase of a new property by mortgaging your existing property

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