SMS Banking

SMS Banking

SMS Banking gives you 24-hour access to the key financial information of your Standard Chartered Credit Card or Account through Push and Pull services.

SMS alert on financial transactions.
SMS alert on Salary deposit in your Employee Banking account.
Know your account information whenever you want by sending SMS:

What you want to know ?
Send to
Account Balance BEBD your PIN A BEBD 1234 a 2727
Last 5 Transaction in Account THBD your PIN A THBD 1234 a 2727
Credit Card Balance OB your PIN A OB 1234 a 2727
Mini Statement of Credit Card MS your PIN A MS 1234 a 2727



With a large number of ATMs across the major cities of Bangladesh,you do not have to carry cash around any more.

94 ATMs in key locations in major cities.
Fund transfer from Standard Chartered account to Standard Chartered account.
(Daily transfer limit: BDT 5 lac.)
Bill payment for Standard Chartered Credit Card.
Cash advance from Credit Cards.
Cash withdrawals.
Cash deposits.
Mobile Phone Bill Payment.
More than 98% uptime / availability.

Customer Segment
Cash withdrawal Limit / Day
Personal Clients BDT 250,000
Priority Clients BDT 300,000
Business Clients BDT 250,000

Deposit Machine

Deposit Machine

Deposit Machines allow you to deposit your cash and cheques anytime you want, at your convenience.

27 Deposit Machine in key locations in major cities.
Bill payment for Standard Chartered Credit Card.
Cash Deposit to Standard Chartered Account.
Fund transfer instruction Standard Chartered account to Standard Chartered account.
DESCO and BTCL bill payment.

Auto Billspay

Auto Billspay

We offer you an exclusive service of paying utility bills directly from your Account or Credit Card without waiting in long queues. And it’s absolutely free!

You will subscribe once, we will do the rest throughout the year.
Standing Instruction for your bills by debiting your Banking account or Credit Card.
No more late payment charges, No queue for bill payment.
Partner Utility Companies.

  • GrameenPhone
  • Robi
  • City Cell
  • Airtel
  • Banglalink
  • Scholastica
  • DESA
  • Dhaka Club
  • Chittagong Club
  • Bangla Lion
  • Qubee

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We strongly recommend you not to conduct your Internet Banking transactions on such PCs unless you are sure that it is safe to do so. Please clear browser cache after each session so that your account information is removed from such PCs.

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Bank With Confidence Standard Chartered platform allows you to bank online without a worry.


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