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  • Any Bangladeshi Citizens having NID & Valid Passport
  • Student/ Sponsor need to have an active A/C with Standard Chartered Bank

Student File can be opened for the below mentioned courses:

  • Regular Undergraduate Program
  • Regular Post-Graduate Program
  • Language course pre-requisite to approved higher degree
  • Professional diploma/certificate courses
  • Diploma/Certificate Course leading to Bachelors/Graduate

*for courses other than listed above prior Bangladesh bank approval is required


Required documents for opening student File:

  • Letter issued by the foreign educational institution in support of admission/ I-20 for US
  • Refund policy as provided by institution
  • Educational certificates as confirmed by institution
  • Details of the Sponsor/Account Holder from which the fund will be remitted
  • National Identity Document / Birth Certificate (for minor)
  • Original valid passport
  • Visa copy (if available)
  • 2 copy Photograph of the student

Student File is a mechanism though which Bangladeshi citizens can convert their BDT to meet their Educational expenses for studies abroad.

If you (or your family member) are planning to undertake education abroad, you can use our “Student File” proposition to ensure smooth transfer of educational & living expenses from your funds in Bangladesh. You should start processing your Student File as soon as you get the offer letter from your educational institution.

Please refer to our ‘Eligibility list’ above.

Please refer to our ‘Documentation list’ above.

Students can continue to send outward remittances uptil the end of the course. However, a Student File has to be renewed every year, since the date of Student File opening.

  • Current enrolment certificate from the educational institution.
  • Progress Report/ Transcript copy.
  • Estimate/ Invoice of the current year.

No. An individual may open and maintain only one Student File at a given time for completing any course/degree. A student may opt to transfer Student File from one bank to another, subject to clearance from existing Bank.

Funds remitted through a Student File can only be sent to the designated Educational institution or to the student’s own account opened in the foreign country for living expenses.

Student File Fee:


  Regular Accountholder Total
  Fee VAT  
Annual Fee BDT 5,000 BDT 750 BDT 5,750
Remittance charge BDT 500 BDT 75 BDT 575


  Priority Accountholder Total
  Fee VAT  
Annual Fee BDT 3,000 BDT 450 BDT 3,450
Remittance charge


BDT 500 BDT 75 BDT 575


  Fee VAT Total
SAARC Countries BDT 3,500 BDT 525 BDT 4,025
Remittance charge BDT 500 BDT 75 BDT 575


OTT Charge:


Amount (BDT) OTT Charge VAT Total
1-1 lac BDT 100 BDT 15 BDT 115
1 lac-5 lac BDT 200 BDT 30 BDT 230
5 lac-10 lac BDT 300 BDT 45 BDT 345
10 lac above BDT 500 BDT 75 BDT 575

*OTT charge is waived for priority customers


We have Personal Loans facility that are assessed based on income in Bangladesh. Typically, the sponsor/guardian who resides in Bangladesh, and has an active income status are eligible for Personal Loans.

As per current Bangladesh Bank regulations, Credit Cards cannot be issued to non-residents (or students going abroad). However, you may avail a supplementary Credit card, issued to your sponsor/guardian. This supplementary card may be loaded with your Travel Quota (on a yearly basis), for your FCY expenses abroad.

Typically, Funds remitted through a Student File can only be sent to the educational institution for tuition fees/living expenses and only to student’s own account for living expenses.

As per current Central Bank regulations, Taka accounts of non-residents are subject to certain restrictions (please refer to our Swadeshi Banking page). For ease of transactions, we advise our clients to open a Joint account with a Bangladeshi resident, for tagging the Student File.

Yes, it is mandatory for either Student and/or Sponsor to have an active account with Standard Chartered Bank, Bangladesh.

You can visit our dedicated Student Care Centres in Gulshan and Dhanmondi Branch. Alternatively, you can reach out to your RM, or any of our Student File Officers. Please write to for any queries.


This information is neither an offer to sell, purchase or subscribe nor a solicitation of such an offer. This information is general and does not take into account a person’s individual circumstances, objectives or needs. Please visit any of our branches or contact your relationship manager to make an appointment.

Student File Enjoy secured int'l fund transfers through 'Student File'. Let us handle your banking while you pursue your ambition.


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