money no minimum balance

Open account with any balance.

money pay credit card bill

Interest will be credited monthly on any account balance.

card debit exclusive benefits

A Debit Card will be provided to take care of all your transactional needs with zero debit card fee.

book free chequebook

Not issued for this account.

misc transactional history

Not allowed.

people service query

Enhance your banking experience with our online banking and client centre services from anywhere around the world.

Age of applicant

  • 18 years old and above


  • Bangladeshi citizens

Mandatory documents

You will need:

  • Copy of valid Photo ID for Applicant & Nominee (such as Passport/National ID/Driving License, etc.)
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Photograph of the nominee duly attested by the applicant
  • Copy of latest e-TIN Certificate
  • Resident address verification document (e.g. Utility Bill, etc.)

For Salaried

  • Proof of Income document (e.g. Letter of Introduction/ Appointment letter/ Salary Certificate/ Bank Statement reflecting salary, etc.)
  • Proof of occupation document (e.g. Employment contract / Business Card/ employee photo ID, etc.)

For Self-employed

  • Proof of Income document (e.g. Bank Statement/ Companies Audited Financial report/ Tax Return Acknowledgment Receipt with monetary indication, etc.)
  • Proof of occupation document (e.g. Trade License/ Partnership deed/ Certificate of incorporation/ Memorandum of Articles/ BMDC /BEI Registration /Bar license/Chartered Accountant license as appropriate)