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South Africa


Offering bespoke services to our clients

Supporting our multinationals and financial institution clients with a bespoke service offering.

Global Corporates

Our strategy is to leverage our distinct focus on Africa, Asia and the Middle East with multinationals. With a Global Account Management team and dedicated Product Partners, we offer our clients the bank’s network and extensive range of products and services including Transactional Banking, Project and Export Finance, Financial Markets and Cross-border Financing products.

Transactional Banking We’re perfectly placed to help you expand internationally with our leading trade finance preposition or by supporting you with on the ground treasury service.
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Project and Export Finance Sustainable solutions with a global reach allows our clients to rely on financing solutions for clients across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
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Financial Markets A strategy built around helping clients to manage all aspects of financial risk, ranging from currency exposure to accessing the capital markets for liquidity.
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Cross-border financing products As a long term orientated relationship bank, we are able to create solutions that are right for you as you expand your business into new markets.
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Financial Institutions

We market our wide range of  global Transaction Banking products such as Cash, Trade and Custody to Financial Institutions in South Africa. Learn more here.