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Financial markets A strategy built around you

We have the reach, knowledge and expertise to meet your risk management, financing and investment needs

Why choose us? Global network, local knowledge

With our presence in major hubs across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas  – and comprehensive range of asset classes  – we have your needs covered. Whether you are looking to manage your trading risk, raise capital or diversify your investments, you can trust our advice and expertise.

Our strengths include trading foreign exchange, rates, credit and commodities products, and arranging debt issuance. Across all these asset classes, we offer bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

The way we see it, financial market solutions are all about relationships, a strong, global network, deep local knowledge, and a comprehensive product offering  – and we have them all. Whatever we do, it all starts with you and your business.

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Our asset classes All your needs covered

The global insights you need

Thanks to our unique footprint and depth and breadth of foreign exchange coverage, we can offer a holistic view of the market that will help you optimise your cash flow.
We actively trade in over 100 currencies via voice and digital channels, giving you access to an unparalleled range of emerging-market and G10 currencies. Our on-the-ground currency experts across 39 countries ensure we stay close to your business and our markets.


Get the full picture

Our deep knowledge of local and global markets means we're ideally placed to advise you on the latest rate trends and opportunities. We have on-the-ground presence and expertise throughout our footprint in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
This leading role enables us to bring you an invaluable perspective and understanding of those markets across all rates products, including (IRS, CCS, bonds, options and structured products). We're also a market leader in the electronic marketplace.

An innovative and trusted partner

Our dedicated capital markets team specialises in arranging G3 and local currency bond issuance, structuring capital markets solutions and providing credit ratings advisory.
We can help your company raise capital and connect with investors in bond markets across our footprint, whether you're a debut or repeat issuer. We are known for our leading role in bond markets around the world, and were pioneers in the Asian covered bond and offshore renminbi bond markets.

Yielding the results you want

We're active in credit markets around the world, offering a range of bond, loan and solution products. Our innovative, tailored solutions can help you achieve your goals in terms of maturity, currency, credit quality, cash flow and yield.
Spanning Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Mumbai and New York, our credit team offers solutions in a range of G10 and local emerging-market currencies. As well as helping to meet your specific investment needs and manage your credit risk exposure, we can also tailor your balance sheet, manage your regulatory capital and provide cross-border financing and investment solutions to suit you.

The core of what we do

We are a leading commodities bank that offers a full suite of vanilla, structured and financing solutions across agriculture, base metals, energy and precious metals products.
Our business can be traced back 150 years when we first began financing trade through Asia, Africa and the Middle East. While the world and global markets have moved with time, our values and ambitions have remained timeless.
We're committed to staying at the heart of global commerce, facilitating trade flows and meeting the needs of your business, locally and regionally. With our award-winning products and services, you can count on us to help you navigate commodities markets as these markets grow in size and complexity.

Local knowledge, global reach

We specialise in originating, structuring, and executing syndicated, club, and bridge loans for global or local corporates, mid-cap and blue chip corporates, and financial institutions, and distributing them to a broad investor base globally. We also arrange syndicated borrowing for governments around the world.
Our strong and well-established franchise comprises expert origination and distribution teams in six major hubs: Hong Kong, Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore, London and New York.
As well as our extensive global network, we also have a strong local market presence in other key countries, including Nigeria, South Africa and China.
We are the leading bookrunner in our footprint. By choosing to work with us, you’ll find a partner who can read the market and find the right loan solution for you, providing an efficient distribution coverage.

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OUR OTHER CAPABILITIES Innovation in action

Helping you achieve diversification and stronger returns

Our experienced team of structuring specialists will work closely with you to identify your needs and develop sustainable business opportunities that work on a global level.
When it comes to structured products, our team can create tailored solutions linked to a range of assets and instruments including foreign exchange, rates, credit and commodities.

Financing and Securities Services covers all Securities Services activities from Custody, Clearing, Fiduciary and Fund Services, Securities Lending, to all Portfolio Risk Management activities – Prime Services, Money Markets, Central Funding Desk, Credit Valuation Adjustment, and the Modelling and Analytics Group.

Leading global insights

With our on-the-ground presence across our global network, we're able to offer you thought-leading views that are both relevant and insightful. Our research team will inform and advise you on a broad range of macroeconomic, geopolitical, fixed income, currency and commodity topics.
We regularly produce our own reports covering the latest global macroeconomic and market trends. Through our series of special reports, we explore globally significant themes and their impact on economies, markets and people. Our strong on-the-ground profile – particularly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East – allows us to study these dynamic regions in depth, and give you a leading edge.

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