eNaira Terms and Conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions govern Your access to Your eNaira Speed wallet (“Wallet”), and the eNaira Platform. The Terms constitute a binding, legal agreement between You and the Bank (including the Bank Members), so please read them carefully and seek professional advice where necessary before proceeding. These Terms form part of, is subject to, and should be read in conjunction with the Agreement.
  • In the event of any conflict between these Terms and Conditions and Your Account Terms or the Client Terms, the provisions of the Account Terms or Client Terms will apply. You understand that Your use of the Wallet will also be subject to any rules and guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria or any Authority from time to time

What is eNaira?

  • The eNaira is the Central Bank Digital Currency issued, managed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It is a digital format of the fiat currency developed using distributed ledger technology and is exchanged at par value with cash Naira (1:1).

Access To Your Wallet

  • You must follow the procedures stipulated by Us and the Central Bank of Nigeria or any Authority from time to time.
  • You understand that not all accounts are eligible to fund Your Wallet. We may not process Your instruction to transfer funds from Your Account to Your Wallet, or to transfer eNaira funds from your Wallet into Your Account if Your Account is not sufficiently funded, or is restricted for any reason whatsoever, or if We suspect that there may be fraud associated with the instruction.
  • You authorise us to act on Your instruction to transfer funds from your Account to Your Wallet, or to receive eNaira Funds from your Wallet to Your Account, which You provide either in writing or through any electronic or other channel acceptable to Us.
  • We treat the execution of an instruction executed according to mandate or the provision of a security code as evidence that You or an Authorised Person issued the instruction.
  • You are solely responsible for the use and function of Your Wallet on the CBN eNaira platform. We are only responsible for providing access to fund Your Wallet from Your Account and vice versa, subject to the Terms and the Guidelines of the Central Bank of Nigeria or any Authority from time to time. You may however contact Us if You have questions concerning how to use the Wallet or for problems with the Wallet and We shall provide responses to Your inquiries where We can, or transmit same to the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • We are not responsible for any failure of the Wallet or Your inability to use the Wallet for any transaction. We are also not responsible for any loss, injury or inconvenience You suffer as a result of loss of Your eNaira Funds, failure of Your instructions to other eNaira wallets or any merchant refusing to accept eNaira Funds from Your Wallet.
  • Without prejudice to any other limitations contained in the Agreement, We may not execute any transfer instruction if:
    • There are insufficient funds in the Wallet or Account to make the funds transfer or withdrawal; or
    • You or an authorized person did not correctly provide the instruction; or
    • Force Majeure or other circumstances beyond our control prevent the transfer from being carried out


  • We shall only charge You such fees as are permitted by the Central Bank of Nigeria or any Authority for setting up Your Wallet, or for using Your Wallet or conducting transactions associated with eNaira


  • Subject to the guidelines of the Central Bank of Nigeria or any Authority or contrary notification from Us, Your eNaira wallet can only be funded from Your Account. Similarly, Your eNaira Funds can only be paid into Your Account.
  • Access to the eNaira Platform is provided on our Mobile/Electronic Banking platform for Your convenience only, and ’our provision of this feature does not constitute a recommendation to transact on the eNaira platform or conduct Your financial transactions in digital currencies. It is provided only as an access tool, and SCB does not have any visibility or control of Your transactions on the eNaira platform.
  • The availability and proper functioning of the eNaira Platform provided by the CBN depends on many variable circumstances, including location, mobile network and internet availability and signal strength, and proper functioning of hardware, software, Your mobile network operator, mobile phone and computer.


  • To link Your Account with Your Wallet, You and each Authorised Person must meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by applicable regulations; as well as the eligibility criteria for owning and maintaining an Account with Us.


  • If We issue any guidelines in connection with the linking of Your Account to Your Wallet or the eNaira Platform, the guidelines must be followed in accessing the Wallet or the eNaira Platform. We are not liable for any loss You incur as a result of any failure to do so.


  • Instructions to transfer funds from Your Account to the Wallet will conform to existing transfer limits set by You for all transfers emanating from that account.

Operating times

  • Electronic access to the eNaira Platform is available during normal operating hours or at the times set out in our guidelines or otherwise notified to You. However, routine maintenance requirements, excess demand on our electronic systems and circumstances beyond our control may restrict Your access to Your Wallet or the eNaira Platform during all normal operating hours.


  • By confirming Your instruction to transfer funds to Your Wallet, or to receive eNaira Funds into Your Account, You acknowledge and agree that the eNaira Platform is a third-party website/application, over which We have no control. Any link You make to or from the eNaira Platform or to the Wallet shall be at Your own risk, including risks relating to confidentiality, data privacy and security. Any use of the eNaira Platform will be subject to, and any information You provide will be governed by the terms of eNaira Platform and any rules and guidelines issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria and any Authority from time to time.
  • We are not responsible and make no representations or warranties as to the contents of the eNaira Platform, the security of Your transactions, or the accuracy of any information displayed on the eNaira Platform. We disclaim liability for any loss, delay, damage and any other consequence resulting directly or indirectly from or relating to Your access to the eNaira Platform or any transaction conducted on or via the eNaira Platform or the failure of any information provided or transaction carried out through the eNaira Platform; or any error, omission or misrepresentation on the eNaira Platform or any computer virus arising from or system failure associated with the eNaira Platform.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are to be construed in accordance with the Laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Definitions and Interpretations

In these eNaira Terms and Conditions:

Account”                means Your regular current or savings bank account maintained with the Bank which you have selected for purposes of transferring funds to Your Wallet, or receiving eNaira Funds from Your Wallet. Other forms of bank accounts cannot be linked with Your Wallet or the eNaira Platform.

“Agreement”           comprises, jointly and separately, these eNaira Terms and Conditions, the Account Terms, the Client Terms, the Electronic Banking Terms & Conditions and any other applicable terms and conditions agreed between You and Us.

Authorised Person” means any person authorised to act on Your behalf in accordance with any mandate (or equivalent in writing) or otherwise, as acceptable to the Bank.

Authority”              means any government, quasi-government, inter-government, supranational, administrative, regulatory or supervisory body or authority, court or tribunal with jurisdiction over Us, You or any Bank Member.

Bank”                     means Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited. “Bank” is also referred to as “We”, “Our” or “Us”.

Bank Member”       means Standard Chartered PLC or any of its Affiliates.

eNaira Funds”        means the funds available in Your Wallet which may be transferred to other wallets or converted into regular funds in Your Account

eNaira Platform”    means a platform provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the purpose of transacting in the eNaira digital currency

Force Majeure”      means any natural disaster, epidemic, war, hostilities, terrorism, civil disorder, industrial action, act or order of any Authority, change in law, change in the availability, legal usage, convertibility or transferability of any currency, computer system malfunction or failure, third party interference with a computer system, delay or non-availability of goods or services supplied to the Bank or You by a third party, or other circumstances beyond the Bank’s reasonable control.

Wallet or Speed Wallet”         means, a digital wallet designed to hold Your eNaira which is managed by the Central Bank of Nigeria


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