Debit Card Features

global currencies range

The Visa Gold Debit Card is available in local and foreign currencies.

card change transfer limit
  • Local spend: ₦150,000 on ATM and ₦2,000,000 on POS/Web per day.
money change transfer limit 01

Transaction Limit is ₦15,000 and Daily Cumulative Limit is ₦50,000

money change transfer limit 01

You can withdraw up to USD7,000 on ATM and spend USD10,000 per day on Point Of Sale (POS)/Web.

card debit

The Visa Gold Debit Card is linked to your savings or current account.

misc wide range usage

Shop securely online and through Point Of Sale (POS) terminals.

global worldwide access

The card can be used at any ATM or Point Of Sale (POS) where the visa sign is displayed, anywhere in the world.

360 rewards

Earn reward points each time you use your Standard Chartered Visa Gold Debit Card for shopping, entertainment, travel and much more. Register and log in at 360° Rewards.

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device online banking

For special privileges, merchant discounts and Global Customer Assistance Services.

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Application Eligibility

  • Existing account holder

Application Eligibility

  • Existing account holder

Visa debit card is an internationally accepted Visa ATM / Debit Card that is linked to your Standard Chartered Bank account, allowing spending on shopping outlets, online and cash withdrawals at ATMs.

The validity period of the card is 5 years from the date of issue.

You can apply for your free debit card on our mobile app and get it delivered to you free of charge.

Please log on to your SC mobile or online banking platform to request for another card.

Your card is not enabled for online (e-commerce) transactions by default. You are required to call our contact centre on 0800 123 5000 (toll free) or +234 1 270 4611-4 to switch on this service.

Please visit our page for current fees and charges on debit cards.

Yes, Joint account holders can each have Visa Debit card provided the joint account can be operated singly.

You can avail an array of financial services at Standard Chartered ATM sites with your Standard Chartered Bank Visa debit card.

Balance enquiry
Mini-statement requests
PIN change
Cash withdrawals
Deposit cash (Naira only)

Yes, you can use your Visa debit card for cash withdrawal on any bank’s ATM in Nigeria (free of charge).

Card activation via SC mobile / online banking

  • Log into your account and click on ‘Help and Services’/Service Request
  • Click ‘Card Activation/Debit ATM Card Pin change and select the card to activate
  • Enter 4-digit PIN you want to use with card, then confirm
  • Enter the OTP sent to you through SMS
  • Your PIN is now set up and your card is ready to use

Card activation via ATM

  • Call contact centre on 0800 123 5000 (toll free) or +234 1 270 4611-4 to activate card
  • Insert new card into Standard Chartered Bank ATM
  • Enter any 4-digit PIN as initial PIN
  • Select change PIN
  • Enter 4-digit PIN you want to use with card, then confirm
  • Log in to Standard Chartered Bank mobile app
  • Select Service Request
  • Click Card Management
  • Select Debit/ATM Card PIN change
  • Select your card
  • Enter your new 4-digit PIN, then confirm PIN
  • Click Next
  • Enter the OTP sent to you through SMS

SC Mobile App

  • Login to SC Mobile App
  • Tap Menu (top left), Inbox
  • Click Secure Mail, New Message (top right)
  • Under category, select Card Complaints
  • Input Subject
  • In message, please provide details of the dispute transaction or dispense error such as card number (e.g. 123456******5324), transaction date/time, amount, merchant or Bank name, ATM location, etc and Send

iBanking Online

  • Login to iBanking at
  • Tap your Account Name (top left)
  • Select Compose Mail
  • Under category, select Card Complaints
  • Input Subject
  • In message, please provide details of the dispute transaction or dispense error such as card number (e.g. 123456******5324), transaction date/time, amount, merchant or Bank name, ATM location, etc and Send

Security of your PIN: – Your PIN should be confidential and known to you only. For Security reasons DO NOT write your PIN on your card and or any item in your wallet or purse or any item liable to be lost and stolen simultaneously with your card. The security of your Card & PIN is extremely important. If you fail to observe these security requirements you will be liable for any unauthorised use and any loss involved.

If you suspect your card has been stolen or if you happen to lose your card, you need to report the loss or theft by calling our 24/7 Contact Centre 0800 123 5000 (toll free) or +234 1 270 4611-4.

You can stop the usage of your card for online (e-commerce transactions) by calling our contact centre on +234 1 270 4611-4. However, you will be unable to use the debit card for online transactions (e-commerce) when switched off.

For enhanced protection against online fraud, you will receive an OTP for every online purchase you make with your Standard Chartered card. The purpose is to validate that it is our genuine client making the purchase. This technology is called 3D Secure, and it makes online payments easy and secure.

  • The screen says that an OTP has been sent, but I haven’t received it. What should I do?

 The OTP would be sent instantly to the registered mobile number and email address in our records. Please check if these details displayed on the screen are correct. If they are correct, please click on ‘Resend OTP’. If the issue persists, please contact us.

  • Do I need to register for this service?

 No. This feature is automatically enabled for your Standard Chartered Bank card.

  • Is there a fee for this service?

 No. This service is free.

A debit card that uses short-range wireless Technology to securely complete payments at Merchants outlets with Contactless enabled Terminals.

The Contactless card comes with a wave-like Symbol on the front side.


Look out for the Contactless symbol on the Merchant terminal.

Simply tap your card on the check-out terminal close to the contactless symbol.

You only need to hold your card to the terminal for a short 1-2 seconds.

Yes, they enjoy the same security as the contact Chip cards.

Yes, each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that securely protects your payment information just like the Chip card. Tapping twice does not result in duplicated billing.

Same way as the Contact Cards, through our SC Mobile app, ibanking platform or Branches?

No. You may continue to use your Card. However, you will be issued with a Contactless card upon any new Card request.

Yes. Standard replacement fee may apply. Please check our Tariff of charges.

Yes. The Card can be used for payments both locally and abroad.

No. All payments above NGN1,000 will require the Card be inserted and Client input PIN to complete.

Up to 10 transactions can be made on the Card per day.

No. The limits are already set. You can only reduce the pre-set limit of NGN10,000 per day.

If you do not want to use the Contactless feature, you can continue to use the Chip and PIN payment method. This means that you will insert your card and input your PIN for every payment.

The Contactless Card offers fast, easy, convenient, and secure payments for purchases.

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