Activation Verification

To complete your application for the SC Mobile banking services, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Please follow the simple steps below after opening SC Mobile Taiwan APP :
    • Tap on Login
    • Log in SC Mobile banking Service
    • Enter the Six-digits SMS OTP to binding device and press the "Next" button
    • Verification completed, service activated and login in the SC Mobile banking service

Service Functions

SC Mobile is designed to meet your needs for daily financial services. You can access the " SC Mobile " to manage your accounts and perform transactions and/or services such as fund transfers, payments, Foreign currency exchange, Mutual Fund and get the most up-to-date information about your accounts. "SC Mobile" also provides you with financial information and is a great source of information you need to make your life easier. This is a great helper in your daily life and wealth management.

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Help you get the most up-to-date information about our latest promotions and relevant financial products.


Online Banking

  • Home: You are provided with Investment Overview, Sending Analysis, Saving Goal, Investment Portfolio, Special Offers.
  • Account Overview: You are provided with account details of your saving deposits (including payroll section), time deposits and structured products. You can open TWD/FCY time deposits from demand deposits, early termination, auto rollover setting or cancellation, etc.
  • Make a Transfer: You are provided with TWD Transfer, FX Service, FX Intra-bank Transfer, FX Remittances, and Scheduled Transaction Inquiry, RMB Standing Instruction, Remittance Details and Frequently Used/Designated Account Edit services.
  • Payment: You are provided with Tax Payment, Credit Card Bill Payment, Pay Card Bill, Chunghwa Telecom Bill, Selected Payees Payment and Utility payment inquiry. These services will allow you to schedule or make payments at any time without leaving the comfort of your home, so you no longer need to worry about having no time to pay your bills.
  • Credit Card: Credit Card Overview, Bonus Points, estatement, Spending Notification. These services will afford you easy control of your spending and management on your individual spending planning.
  • FX Service: You are provided with FX Service, FX Intra-bank Transfer and RMB Standing Instruction.
  • Customer Investment Profile: Check out our latest investment suitability analysis and fill in our online questionnaire to easily understand which type of investors you are.
  • Fund Investment: You are provided with My Fund, Portfolio Details, My Investment P/L, Subscription, My Transaction, Fund Ranking, Fund Weather Station, Fund Overview, Notification Settings and Fund Investment Tool.
  • Securities: You are provided with Overview, Current Holding, Recent Transaction, and Nonfiction Settings. With one look, you will have a clear understanding at this bank.
  • Loans: You are provided with prepayment and repayment of principal and interest services. These services will allow you to have easy management and control of your loans.
  • Priority Banking: You are provided with Branch Appointment, Reward Points Inquiry, Reward Points Redemption and Reward Points Transfer between Family Members. These services will allow you to have easy management and control your priority banking reward point.
  • Service: You are provided with Apply for Trust Account, Trust Product Recommendation, Electronic Withholding Tax Statement, House Secured Loan Interest Payment and apply for Credit Card/ Personal Loan/ Mortgage Loan/ CASA Account/ Buy Insurance via Hyperlink to Website.
  • Setting: You are provided with services such as Basic Information update, change Username, change Password, change Login Nickname, Mobile Device Verification, Language Setting, Card notification by email/ SMS, change account Nickname, adhere Foreign Account Tax, SMS OTP unlock, allow unupdate times on passbook, Inbox Notification Settings. These services will allow you to update your settings based on your individual needs

Combined with the mobile phone GPS functions, the service allows you to locate our branches and ATM locations. You can click on the telephone number to call any of our branches or customer service center. You also can turn on/off Push Notification and Geofence Setting in Settings to get our latest announcements.

Information ExplorerInformation Explorer

The service allows you to view the Bank's published interest rates for TWD and foreign currency deposits/loans current foreign exchange rates.

Customer ServicesCustomer Services

Combined with the mobile phone GPS functions, the service allows you to locate our branches and ATM locations. You can click on the telephone number to call any of our branches or customer service center. You also can turn on/off Push Notification and Geofence Setting in Settings to get our latest announcements. iBeacon Service assist you to complete remote check-in procedure for pre-booked transaction or online queuing for tickets, provided that you turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone which enters into the detection range of the iBeacon device.

Customer ServicesMessage

Intimate account push notification, including mutual fund, deposits, loans and other related accounts Notifications, as well as promotional notices, not only that, but also have an "inbox" storage function, so that your message is never missed, you can always check it with SC Mobile!


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Security Reminder

When you are using the mobile banking services, please be reminded:
  1. When you are not using the services from the Bank's mobile banking, make sure you log off the Bank's mobile banking services.
  2. You may want to activate the password lock on your mobile phone by setting a more complicated password and change your password to your mobile phone regularly and install antivirus software on your phone. Do not disclose your password to anyone.
  3. Turn off your Bluetooth when you do not need or use it to prevent other users from accessing your phone and stealing your personal information.
  4. Do not install third-party software from unknown sources because doing so will expose your phone to the risks of Trojan virus and stealth of your personal information.
  5. When your mobile phone works as a wifi host port or personal hotspot, make sure you change the default user name and password and use with care to prevent other users with compatible devices from using your wifi connection to intercept the data you are transmitting.
  6. To ensure proper safety of use, make sure you download the Bank's mobile banking APP from App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play (for Android users) and do not download the Bank's APP from anywhere else online.


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