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Cn banner trade
Cn banner trade

Trade Service and Trade Finance

Providing quality service and reliable financial support for trade

Trade Service and Trade Finance

Documentary Trade Service & Finance

  • Documentary Trade Service & Finance

      • Export Letters of Credit Advising and Transferring
      • Letter of Credit Confirmation
      • Pack Loan
      • Clean and Discrepancy Letter of Credit Negotiation
      • Export Documentary Collection
      • Discounting on Export Documentary Collection (DA & DP)
      • Discounting of Avalised Drafts under DA Documentary Collection
      • Import/Domestic Letters of Credit Issuance
      • Import Loan under Import/Domestic Letters of Credit
      • Import Documentary Collection & Avalisation
      • Shipping Guarantees

Guarantees & Standby LC

  • Guarantees & Standby LC

      • You can use it to guarantee payment in case of default or non-performance
      • It gives your business counterparty payment assurance to accept certain trading or dealing conditions
      • It allows you to leverage your credit standing to secure banking facilities for other companies
      • Performance Bond
      • Tender Guarantee/Bid Bond
      • Advance Payment Guarantee/Standby LC
      • Payment Guarantee/Standby LC
      • Customs Bond
      • Financial Guarantees/Standby LC

CNY Draft Discounting Programme

  • CNY Draft Discounting Programme

    • CNY Draft Discounting Programme with Standard Chartered Bank (China) assists you in mitigating working capital pressures and reducing high CNY borrowing costs. We help you build your business with improved turnaround time and fast access to funds by discounting your Bank Accepted Draft (BAD) or Commercial Accepted Draft (CAD), either drawn on paper or issued electronically. You can also improve the balance sheet and your relationship with the entire supply chain.

Export/Import Invoice Finance

  • Export/Import Invoice Finance

    • To meet importers’ and exporters’ increasing needs to finance their purchase/sales under open account terms (i.e. Letter of Credit excluded), Standard Chartered Bank(China) provides a full suite of invoice financing solutions to finance client’s cross-border trade and domestic trade in various currencies including CNY.

    • Export Invoice Finance (EIF) is financing to the exporter/seller based on the invoices issued by the exporter/seller. EIF is a short term financing which has recourse to the exporter/seller. Import Invoice Finance (IIF) is financing to the importer/buyer. Normally, the exporter sends the invoices directly to the importer who requests for financing to the bank by submitting the trade documents (including the invoices) to the bank.

Receivable Services (without recourse/with recourse)

  • Receivable Services (without recourse/with recourse)

    • Receivables Services is the purchase of AR raised by the seller (our customer) in both domestic and export sales. In consideration of this purchase, Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited can offer below services based on the qualified AR from pre-approved buyers.

      • Prepayment against eligible invoices to improve our customer’s liquidity
      • Collection and sales administration service to relieve the workload of our customer
      • Buyer creditworthiness assessment and credit protection service to mitigate the buyer payment risk (for without recourse RS)
      • AR off balance sheet arrangement to improve the financial ratios of the customer (for without recourse RS)

Why Standard Chartered

  • Why Standard Chartered

    • Every year we are recognised for our achievements in banking and finance. Here are some of the recent awards we have won in China related to security services. Please click here to view the full list of our recent awards in China and click here to view our recent global awards.

      • Best Transaction Bank in 2014
      • eSolutions Partner Bank in 2014
      • Best in Treasury & Working Capital (MNCs/LLCs) in 2014
      • Best in Treasury & Working Capital (Non-Bank FI) in 2014

      Other prestigious awards in China include:

      • CFO World
        – Best Corporate Internet Platform Award 2014

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