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CNY Conversion

Individual Foreign Exchange Settlement Business allows customers to sell their foreign currencies to Standard Chartered at our foreign exchange rates in return for the equivalent amount in RMB.

Individual Foreign Exchange Purchase Business allows customers to purchase foreign currencies from Standard Chartered.

According to the regulation set out for individual foreign currency conversion by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, for domestic individuals the annual quota of settlement and purchase is USD50,000 equivalent.  For foreign individuals, the annual quota of settlement is USD 50,000 equivalent.

Domestic/Non-Domestic Individual
Domestic Individual: Quota1 Annual Quota of USD50, 000 equivalent per person Annual Quota of USD50, 000 equivalent per person
Domestic Individual: Required Documents Within Quota: Valid Identity certificate

Above Quota: Please consult with our staff for details

Within Quota: Valid Identity certificate

Above Quota: Please consult with our staff for details

Non-Domestic Individual: Quota Annual Quota of USD50, 000 equivalent per person Non quota2
Non-Domestic Individual: Required Documents Within Quota: Valid Identity certificate
Above Quota: Please consult with our staff for details
Valid Identity certificate and documents evidence for source of fund
*The above quota and requirements are for reference only. All FX transactions should be conducted in accordance with China laws, regulations and regulatory requirements.

1Based on the bank’s risk control policy, in digital banking channels, the actual FX quota may be less than your remaining annual convenience quota. You can take relevant materials to our branches for further handling.

2There is no quota for Non-Domestic Individual clients (including Residents from Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan) to purchase foreign currency. Valid identity certificate and the related evidential materials should be presented at Standard Chartered local branches for application:

Important Notes

  1. Business hours of online Individual CNY Conversion: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Business hours of “Foreign Exchange” online channel: 6:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday (Inclusive of public holidays).
  2. The foreign exchange service is via the bank’s Wealth FX platform. The bank will quote the real-time exchange rate according to the customer’s application, and execute the transaction immediately upon customer’s confirmation. Therefore, the customer will not be able to change or cancel the transaction application. Before submitting the transaction application, the customer shall fully consult the bank about the relevant transaction details and make the transaction decision with caution.
  3. The foreign exchange service is only open to customers of Standard Chartered. The bank will not accept cash exchange applications from Non Standard Chartered customers.
  4. The Wealth FX platform is relying on the proper functioning of the electronic system and the Internet, the customer shall bear the transaction risks related to this. If the platform temporarily fails to work due to transmission or communication facilities, power supply system, Internet failure or network congestion etc, the bank might not be able to accept or execute the transaction submitted by the customer.
  5. Limit order function only applies to online “Foreign Exchange Trading” channel, but not for online “CNY Conversion” and “FCY Conversion” channel at the moment.
  6. For each single FX transaction, margin spread charged by bank will not exceed 300 bps.
  7. The risks related to the fluctuation of foreign exchange rates. If you exchange the currency back to the original currency sold, you may suffer adverse principal loss caused by the foreign exchange depreciation.
  8. This material is for reference only, and does not constitute an offer or an invitation for offer of any financial service or product. Please refer to relevant service or product terms for details. Standard Chartered Bank (China) limited (the “Bank”) may alter any contents herein at its sole discretion at any time, and please check with your Relationship Manager for details. The Chinese version shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version.