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As one of the 1st batch banks offering WMC  services                          Standard Chartered helps you capture global opportunities

High Rise, Urban, City
High Rise, Urban, City

As one of the 1st batch banks offering WMC  services                          Standard Chartered helps you capture global opportunities

Achieving sustainable growth in the Greater Bay Area with our unique advantages and leading solutions

Greater Bay Area Banking

About Standard Chartered

Over 160 years in China Connecting cross-border potential for a bright future

  • About Standard Chartered

    • We are committing to rolling out GBA initiatives and embrace GBA business as our strategic focus.

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    • A comprehensive business network with around 90 branches in 6 cities in GBA.

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    • A myriad of industry awards recognising our product and service excellence.

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    • The oldest note-issuing bank in Hong Kong with over 160 years of international insights.

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    • Operating networks in 47 Belt and Road markets to help clients grasp new opportunities.

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Wealth Management Connect Scheme

Facilitating cross-boundary investment of clients in GBA

  • Wealth Management Connect Scheme

    • Wealth Management Connect (“WMC”) services are now available in Standard Chartered Bank from October 19, 2021!


      On 10 September 2021, the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao regulators announced “GBA Wealth Management Connect Implementation Rules”, which facilitates individual residents in the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) to carry out cross-boundary investment in wealth management products distributed by the bank presence in GBA. Upon the completion of regulatory filing, Standard Chartered is now among the 1st batch pilot banks to launch WMC services. Standard Chartered will continuously take an active part in the two-way capital flow in GBA area and the financial cooperation in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as provide greater diversity in product selection and asset allocation to GBA investors.


      WMC has Northbound and Southbound components:

      • “Northbound Channel” allows Hong Kong and Macao residents to invest in Mainland onshore financial products with a closed-loop fund regime.
      • “Southbound Channel” allows eligible Mainland residents in GBA to invest in Hong Kong and Macao financial products with a closed-loop fund regime.

      With our experience in Bond Connect, Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, as well as our advantages in Belt and Road Network, wealth management and digital banking, we are well-equipped to further expand our business and help our clients to grasp more financial opportunities in GBA.

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Retail Banking

Excelling in our global banking services, we are committed to serving the needs of each personal client in GBA

  • Retail Banking

    • If you are currently Priority Client with Standard Chartered Group in any country, you can enjoy exclusive products, cross-border preferential rates and welcome privileges offered by Standard Chartered China.

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    • Personalised digital banking services to help you invest and bank from home with ease.

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    • Overview of global market outlook, weekly market views and house views across asset classes etc.

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    • Be Better in Wealth Management.

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Commercial and Corporate Banking

Global Account Manager Relationship Model and advantages of digitalisation

  • Commercial and Corporate Banking

    • Help you to enhance your cash flow, manage market volatility and fulfill your international trade needs.

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    • Trade finance and FX market solutions to meet your capital needs.

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    • Our GAM works closely with local relationship managers to provide professional and unified business support.

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    • Enhance your business efficiency with digital convenience.

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    • We are committed to providing diversified green financial products and solutions to support the global sustainable development goals.

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    • Our professional  team understands the local markets well and offers in-depth analysis to help companies capture global opportunities.

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  • Business Banking

    • Standard Chartered Business Banking is dedicated to being your right banking partner, offering sophisticated SME solutions to facilitate your business growth.

      • With solid knowhow of the markets in your region and China, your Relationship Manager is ready to help you manage your business with tailored services and professional expertise.
      • Comprehensive payment and collection solutions to facilitate your cash management.
      • Convenient online fund transfer to grasp every opportunity.
      • An array of FX and offsetting solutions to fulfill your currency switching needs and help you manage the risks of exchange rate fluctuation.
      • Straight2Bank, our fully integrated Online Banking service, offers a customisable suite of tools for your needs.
      • Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index and company promotion activities to help you identify market trends and set your business goals.

      Please contact our bank staff or visit our website for details.

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GBA Index

“Standard Chartered GBA Business Confidence Index” provides the latest business intelligence for those who are keen to grow their presence in the Greater Bay Area

  • The “Standard Chartered GBA Business Confidence Index”

    • “Standard Chartered GBA Business Confidence Index” provides the latest business intelligence for those who are keen to grow their presence in the Greater Bay Area.

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