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Standard Chartered

We are a leading international banking group, with a presence in 60 of the world’s most dynamic markets, and serving clients in a further 85. More than 75% of our global footprint overlaps with the Belt & Road markets. Our purpose is to drive commerce and prosperity through our unique diversity, and our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise, Here for good.

Standard Chartered PLC is listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges as well as the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges in India.

Standard Chartered is one of the oldest foreign banks in China, with its first branch in Shanghai set up in 1858 and continuous operations since then. We were among the first batch of foreign banks locally incorporated in China in 2007. We have outlets across about 30 coastal and in-land cities in China, a testimony of our long-term commitment to China.

Standard Chartered China has been laurelled with a number of awards in 2018, honoring its achievements in different areas including Shanghai Financial Innovation Award by Shanghai Government, Best Foreign Currency Pair Market Maker Award by China Foreign Exchange Trade System & National Interbank Funding Centre, Gold Benchmark Price Trading by Shanghai Gold Exchange, Innovative Foreign Bank by CBN, Retail Digital Payment Experience by Asset, Best Overall International Bank for Belt & Road Initiative by Asiamoney, Best Offshore RMB Bond House by Global RMB, Best Cross-border Financial Services Bank by Trade Finance, Best Excellent SME Financial Service Banking by Wallstreetcn, Outstanding Wealth Management Brand among Banks by Shanghai Security News, Most Valuable Finance APP by Caijing for SCB WM APP, the Diversity Extraordinary Employer by Liepin, Best Financial Education and Empowering Program Award by Lujiazui Financial City Development Bureau and etc.

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Our Global Presence

We've operated in some of the world's fastest-growing markets for more than 150 years. We aim to lead the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Here for good

Here for good is the essence of who we are. It's about sticking by our clients and customers through good times and bad, and always trying to do the right thing.

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