Ways to Bank

-What is Online Banking?

Online Banking is a safe, convenient online platform for Standard Chartered Bank China customers to perform banking transactions via the Internet.

There is no extra charge for using this platform, however normal product fees and charges continue to apply, if any.

-Why should I choose Online Banking?

It's safe. You can now bank with confidence knowing that your transactions remain safe with us using our Online Banking platform.

Online Banking maintains world class security standards on our Online Banking platform. To find out more about these, please click here to visit our Security Advice section.

It's convenient. You can perform banking transactions from the comfort of your home or office, anywhere in the world, anytime, with our 24 by 7 service. No special software is required.

As long as you have a personal computer (PC) with the minimum configuration, you are ready to start.

-What are the services available through Online Banking?

For an overview of our services, please click here to our Function Overview.

Each function has a detailed step by step guide which can be accessed by left hand side panel.

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-I want to open a RMB savings account for a Hong Kong or Macau Resident, What do i need to do?

Hong Kong and Macau residents should bring their own Mainland Travel Permits as well as Hong Kong or Macau resident ID to open this type of account.

-Are there any necessary condition for opening a RMB savings for a Hong Kong or Macau Resident?

A customer who would like to open a RMB savings account for a Hong Kong or Macau resident must be an individual in possession of a valid Hong Kong resident ID card or Macau legal residence documents. A customer must provide his/her valid Mainland Travel Permit issued for Hong Kong or Macau Residents and Hong Kong/Macau resident ID as the effective document to open such an account at our bank.

-As a Hong Kong resident, what is the largest amount that can be wired into my account from Hong Kong in one day?

Hong Kong residents can wire a maximum of RMB80,000 into their accounts from Hong Kong each day.

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