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Welcome to Standard Chartered Business Banking

We make banking easy, so you can focus on what matters most to you and grow your business.

Making business banking easy

Funding your growth

Protecting your business from the unexpected

Expanding across borders

Getting the right support

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Making business banking easy

Cash flow, skilled staff and time are precious commodities for any business. Our business banking solutions help you make the most of these. We provide a comprehensive but simple suite of business accounts, payments and collection solutions to help manage your cash flow efficiently.

    • Smart Business Account

      To grow, your business needs to be agile. And so does your bank account. The Smart Business account is ideal for businesses with consistent monthly sales. Unlike traditional business accounts, our Smart Business Account doesn’t require a minimum balance, just a minimum amount of business inflows every month. That frees up funds to grow your business.

    • Straight2Bank

      Designed for businesses, Straight2Bank is an award-winning online banking platform for all your transactions. With Straight2Bank, you can make payments and track your business transactions, even while you’re on the move .

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Funding your growth

We support you at each stage of your growth journey, from simple unsecured business loans and overdrafts, to working capital solutions, trade finance and property financing. And you’ll get quicker access to funds, with less paperwork. So you can focus on expanding your business.

    • Business Instalment Loan

      Address your cash or expansion needs today. Our business instalment loan is an unsecured business term loan that gets your funds fast, when you need it. And with no financial statements required to apply, it is the simplest and quickest way to access extra cash for your business. You can use this all-purpose loan in any way your business requires.

    • Business and Working Capital Loan

      Business is complicated. That’s why we offer you Business Working Capital – a flexible bundle of working capital, trade finance, foreign exchange hedging facilities that is your one-stop solution for all short-term borrowing and trade needs.

      Simple, hassle-free application process
      Credit facilities of up to RMB 34 million and an additional RMB 3.4 million to cover your FX hedging needs. Your facility size will depend on your sales turnover, overall banking facilities and collateral. Accepted collateral includes residential and commercial property, industrial property, and government guarantees. Borrow up to 130% of your property’s market value subject to the property type.

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Protecting your business from the unexpected

Your business faces numerous risks every day. Some are a part of your business model but others need to be managed actively. With the right advice and risk-management, you can choose what works for you and your business.

    • Foreign exchange solutions

      A volatile global economic landscape means you need to hedge against currency fluctuations that could put a dent in your business. Our team of FX experts help you choose the right strategy and solutions to add certainty to you international business.

    • Comprehensive suite of international trade solutions

      Our suite of trade services across imports, exports and guarantees offer you complete peace of mind while you explore new growth opportunities.

      Our import trade products and services: Letters of credit (LCs), Import bills for collection, Shipping guarantee, Import financing, Performance bonds and other guarantees.

      Our export trade products and services:

      Export letter of credit advising, Export letter of credit confirmation, Letter of credit checking and negotiation, Export bills for collection, Export invoice financing.

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Expanding across borders

Whether you are thinking about importing and exporting, outsourcing production or expanding to other countries, you will have the support of one of the largest trade-finance banks globally, we bring our proven expertise in trade and foreign exchange to you, making it safer for you to trade internationally.

    • International Network

      We can help you set up banking relationships across over 27 markets in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and help you set up multi-currency accounts . You will have the expert support of your qualified relationship managers and dedicated cross-border specialists who can help you manage your international business more efficiently.

    • Currency risk mitigation

      A volatile global economic landscape means you need to hedge against currency fluctuations that could put a dent in your business. We offer FX forwards to help you bring certainty to your international currency exposures, offer quotations for over 55 pair currencies to help you mitigate risks across the globe, besides, Our team of FX experts will help you choose the right strategy to manage your international business. In addition, you can access “live” FX rates anytime, anywhere via Straight2Bank online banking.

    • International trade solutions

      Our import and export finance solutions, performance guarantees and other services make your international quicker and safer.

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Getting the right support

We value our relationship with you and we’re here to help, whatever you need to make your business grow. We are committed to providing you the highest level of service. And getting things done when it counts for you.

  • Providing you with the right support
    • Your relationship manager, a certified professional with comprehensive training, is your single point of contact with the bank, helping you plan as your business evolves in a fast-changing world. An experienced team of client service managers and a team of qualified trade, FX and investment experts support our relationship managers. With this team approach, you will also get the right level of service, expertise and attention.

    • Our Client Care Centre for businesses is just a call away. You may reach us at:

      (From China) 800-988-0018 (Landline)/400-888-8393(Mobile); or

      (From overseas) (86-755) 2589-0833.

    • Providing certified, well trained professionals as your relationship managers and you may access to business specific seminars and knowledge events.

Our Products

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