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The Terms and Conditions for Voice ID Service of Standard Chartered Bank



I. Scope of Application

  1. 本条款及细则(“本条款”)适用及管理您使用由渣打银行(中国)有限公司(“本行”、或“渣打银行”)提供的渣打银行声纹识别服务。对您和本行具有法律约束力。您和本行应共同遵守本条款。
    • The terms and conditions (“the Terms”) apply and govern your use of the voice ID service provided by Standard Chartered Bank (China) Co., Ltd. (“our bank” or “SCB”). The Terms are legally binding on SCB and you. SCB and you shall abide by the Terms together.
  2. 您注册渣打银行声纹识别服务,或您首次使用渣打银行声纹识别服务前,应当仔细阅读本条款并充分理解其相关规定,您有权要求本行就本条款进行充分解释和说明。注册或使用渣打银行声纹识别服务即代表您已仔细阅读、理解并接受本条款,同意受其约束。
    • You should read the Terms carefully and fully understand the relevant provisions before you register for the voice ID service of SCB or before you use the voice ID service for the first time, and you have the right to request SCB to provide full explanation and clarification of the Terms. By providing your explicit consent to us, including actively clicking the option that represents confirmation or consent (e.g., keypad button in the self-service flow), or by registering or using the voice ID service of SCB, you confirm that you have carefully read, understood and accepted the Terms and agreed to be bound by the Terms.


II. Availability and Content of Services

  1. 渣打银行声纹识别服务是指以您在拨打电话银行时使用注册的声纹作为您电话银行登录密码之一, 用作确认您的身份以使用本行电话银行的服务。
    • The voice ID service of SCB is a service that uses your registered voiceprint as one of login passwords for phone banking when you call SCB to confirm your identity for using our phone banking services.
  2. 您知悉并同意若您使用渣打银行声纹识别服务:
    • (1) 您必须是本行电话银行服务的有效用户。
    • (2) 您需要在电话银行上注册声纹识别服务,并提供三个您的语音样本。
    • (3) 您将被要求使用您的账户号码/信用卡卡号/储蓄卡卡号/身份证号及您预留在本行的手机号码所收到的短信验证码进行渣打银行声纹识别注册程序,并选择使用您的声音以验证本行的电话银行服务;成功完成注册程序后,声纹识别将成为您渣打银行电话银行的登录密码之一。
    • You acknowledge and agree the following if you use SCB’s voice ID service:
    • (1) You must be a valid user of the phone banking services of SCB.
    • (2) You will need to sign up for the voice ID service on phone banking and provide three samples of your voice.
    • (3) You will be asked to use your account number/credit card number/debit card number/ID card number and the short message verification code received by the mobile phone number you have reserved with SCB to register your voice ID with SCB and choose to use your voice to verify the SCB’s telephone banking services. Upon successful completion of the registration process, your voiceprint will become one of the login passwords with our phone banking.
  3. 您仍可选择以其他方式:渣打银行电话银行密码,一次性动态验证码,信用卡查询密码登录本行电话银行。
    • You may choose to log in to the SCB’s phone banking in other ways: through telephone banking password, one-time dynamic verification code or credit card query password.


III. Identity Verification

  1. 如您已通过声纹识别登录本行的电话银行服务或提出授权账户操作指令,您将被视作已验证电话银行服务及/或指示本行作出相关账户操作。您通过声纹识别向本行发出的指令不可撤回或撤销,且成为本行执行您要求登录本行电话银行的指令。您应当对本行执行您通过声纹识别发出的指令所产生的结果独立承担责任。
    • If you have logged onto our phone banking service or instruct us to make account operation via voice ID, you will be deemed to have been verified to access our phone banking service and/or instruct us to make account operation. Your instruction to us via voice ID is irrevocable and will become the instruction for us to execute your request to access our phone banking. You shall be solely responsible for the results of our execution of the instructions you have made via voice ID.
  2. 您知悉渣打银行电话银行的授权认证是在电话银行上的声纹识别认证模块,并且您同意相关认证程序。
    • You are aware that the voice ID access is achieved through the voiceprint recognition and verification module, and you have agreed to the relevant verification program.
  3. 您知悉并同意,您通过声纹识别登录本行电话银行后向本行提出授权账户操作指令时,本行有权根据操作指令的风险程度要求您提供其他的身份验证方式(包括但不限于电话银行密码、一次性动态验证码、信用卡查询密码、信用卡卡片验证码等)。
    • You acknowledge and agree that when you log in to our phone banking via voice ID and instruct us to make account operations, we reserve the right to require you to provide alternative identification methods (including but not limited to phone banking password, one-time dynamic verification code, credit card query password, credit card verification code, etc.) depending on the risk level of the operation instructions.
  4. 您登录渣打银行电话银行后, 可在任何时候联系人工客服停用渣打银行声纹识别服务。
    • You can deactivate our voice ID service at any time by contacting our human customer service after logging onto SCB’s phone banking.
  5. 您知悉并同意,为了使用渣打银行声纹识别服务,渣打银行电话银行将取得您登录的声纹信息,同时您同意本行取得并使用相关资料作渣打银行声纹识别服务之用。
    • You acknowledge and agree that SCB will obtain your voiceprint information for providing voice ID service, and you agree that SCB will obtain and use the relevant information for providing the voice ID service.


IV. Safety Assurance

  1. 您应当在安静并隐私的场所使用声纹识别系统注册/登录您的电话银行,您同意承担因此产生的相关风险以及因此造成的相关损失。
    • You should use the voice ID system to register/log onto our phone banking in a quiet and private place, and you agree to bear the related risks and losses caused thereby.
  2.  一旦您知悉或怀疑声纹识别信息被泄露,您应立即拨打本行指定的电话号码通知本行,要求暂停、中止或终止全部/部分声纹识别服务(如可被暂停、中止或终止),并根据本行的要求更改声纹信息、重新登录声纹识别或停用渣打银行声纹识别服务。
    • Once you know or suspect that the voice ID information has been leaked, you should notify SCB by calling the telephone number designated by SCB to request suspension or termination of all/part of the voice ID service (if it can be suspended or terminated) and to change your voiceprint information, log onto the voice ID system again or deactivate your voice ID service as requested by SCB.


V. Risk Warning and Liabilities

  1. 您明白认可电话银行的声纹识别认证模组系由第三方服务提供商提供,您的声纹识别的采集、识别、验证系第三方服务提供商的系统完成,并认可电话银行及其系统保存。
    • You understand that the voice recognition and verification module of our phone banking is provided by a third-party service provider and that the collection, recognition and verification of your voiceprint are completed by the third-party service provider’s system. You acknowledge that your voiceprint information is kept by our phone banking and the third-party service provider.
  2. 本行不就以下事项作出声明或保证:任何时候能使用渣打银行声纹识别服务;或在任何场景条件下使用声纹识别服务登录电话银行。
    • SCB makes no representations or warranties to the availability of the SCB’s voice ID service at any time, access to the phone banking via voice ID in any scenario.
  3. 除法律、法规禁止的情形外,本行概不为您因以下情况蒙受的损失负责:任何您使用或尝试使用渣打银行电话银行密码登录服务;或您的指示;或任何未经授权通过渣打银行声纹识别服务进行的账户操作。
    • Unless prohibited by the laws and regulations, SCB shall not be liable for any loss incurred by you as a result of any use or attempt to use SCB phone banking password to log onto the service; or your instructions; or any unauthorized account operation through the voice ID service.
  4. 对于本行依照客户之指令或通知行事而直接或间接引起之所有索赔、法律程序、法律责任、损失及在行使或执行本行的权利时(包括在向客户追讨款项时)所产生的一切开支(包括法律费用),客户同意自行承担该等开支,并承诺在本行要求时就本行蒙受的该等损失及开支向本行作出全面的赔偿。
    • The client agrees to be responsible for all the claims, legal procedures, legal liabilities, losses, and all expenses (including legal fees) incurred by SCB in the exercise or enforcement of our rights (including when recovering payments from clients) arising directly or indirectly from SCB’s actions in accordance with the clients’ instructions or notices and undertakes to indemnify SCB in full against such losses and expenses incurred by SCB upon the request of SCB.
  5. 如您有双胞胎或声音特征相近的兄弟姐妹,建议您使用渣打银行电话银行密码服务登录本行的电话银行。
    • If you have twins or siblings with similar voice characteristics, you are advised to use your phone banking password to access SCB’s phone banking service.
  6. 如您是青少年,因您的声音特征可能正处于快速发展阶段,建议您使用渣打银行电话银行密码服务登录本行的电话银行。
    • If you are a teenager, you are advised to use your phone banking password to access SCB’s phone banking as your voice characteristics may be changing rapidly.


VI. Personal Information Protection

  1. 您的账户号码、鉴别信息、身份证件信息、声纹识别数据可能构成敏感个人信息,即一旦泄露或者非法使用,容易导致您的人格尊严受到侵害或者人身、财产安全受到危害的信息。基于向您提供声纹识别服务的特定目的和必要性,并在采取严格保护措施的情形下,我们需要处理您的此类敏感个人信息。
    • Your account number, identification information, ID information, and voiceprint may constitute sensitive information, that is personal information, once leaked or illegally used, may easily lead to the infringement of the personal dignity of a natural person or may endanger the personal safety or property. Based on the specific purpose and necessity of providing you with the voice ID service, and under strict protection measures, we need to process such sensitive personal information of you.
  2. 由于我们处理的个人信息包括敏感个人信息,我们将在法律法规要求时取得您的单独同意。
    • Since the personal information we process includes sensitive personal information, we will obtain your separate consent when required by laws and regulations.
  3. 如果您不再需要使用声纹识别服务,您可以随时撤回您的同意。但请您知悉,您撤回同意的决定不会影响我们此前基于您的授权而开展的个人信息处理活动。如果您希望撤回同意,或者行使您的其他个人信息主体权利(例如删除您的声纹识别信息),为保障安全,您可能需要证明您的身份。我们可能会先要求您验证自己的身份,然后再处理您的请求。您可以通过本条款下方提供的联系方式与我们联系并行使您的权利。
    • If you no longer need to use voice ID services, you can withdraw your consent at any time. However, please be aware that your decision to withdraw your consent will not affect our previous personal information processing activities based on your authorization. If you wish to withdraw your consent or exercise your other personal information subject rights (such as deleting your voiceprint information), you may need to prove your identity for security purposes. We may require you to verify your identity before processing your request. You can contact us through the contact information provided below this Terms and exercise your rights.
  4. 我们已使用符合业界标准的安全防护措施保护您提供的个人信息,防止数据遭到未经授权访问、公开披露、使用、修改、损坏或丢失。我们会采取一切合理可行的措施,保护您的个人信息。
    • We have taken security protection measures in conformity with standard of the industry to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss of your personal information. We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to protect your personal information.
  5. 我们会采取一切合理可行的措施,确保未收集无关的个人信息。我们只会在达成本条款所述目的所需的期限内保留您的个人信息,除非需要延长保留期或受到法律法规的允许。
    • We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to ensure that unrelated personal information is not collected. We will retain your personal information only within the period necessary for achieving the purposes as specified by this Term unless extension of retention period is required or otherwise permitted by laws or regulation.
  6. 为了向您提供声纹识别服务,我们可能会将您的个人信息委托给第三方进行处理,例如帮助我们采集、识别、验证您的声纹的第三方服务提供商。
    • For providing you with the Voice ID service, we may delegate your personal information to a third party for processing, such as a third-party service provider that helps us collect, identify, and verify your voiceprint.
  7. 除非本条款有不同规定,我们也将按照您需要仔细阅读渣打银行网站上的《关于个人金融信息保护的函》(“信息保护函”)披露的规则收集和处理您的个人信息。在开通声纹识别服务前,您应当仔细阅读,且确认您完全理解和接受信息保护函之内容,并授权渣打银行获取、使用和披露本人或本人有关联的个人金融信息,并可在被许可的范围内予以使用和进一步披露。其中,您知晓和特别确认,您的账户号码、鉴别信息、身份证件信息、声纹可能构成敏感个人信息,即即一旦泄露或者非法使用,容易导致您的人格尊严受到侵害或者人身、财产安全受到危害的信息一旦遭到泄露/滥用,可能导致信息主体权益之重大风险,您同意授权渣打银行有权基于服务需要之目的为限收集、处理您的上述信息。除非您本人另行向渣打银行出具撤销授权的书面文件或以其他方式撤回同意,在向您提供声纹识别服务期间本授权一直有效。
    • Unless otherwise specified in this Terms, we will also collect and process your personal information in accordance with the “Letter on the Protection of Personal Financial Information” (the “Information Protection Letter”) on the Standard Chartered Bank website. Before you register for the voice ID service of Standard Chartered Bank, you need to read carefully and confirm that you have fully understood and accepted the content of the Information Protection Letter, and authorize SCB to obtain, use and disclose your personal financial information or other financial information related to you, which can be used and further disclosed within the permitted scope. You hereby understand and specifically confirm that your account number, identification information, ID information and voiceprint biometric data may constitute sensitive information (that is personal information, once leaked or illegally used, may easily lead to the infringement of the personal dignity of a natural person or may endanger the personal safety or property). You agree to authorize SCB to have the right to collect and process the above-mentioned information based on the purpose of the service. This authorization shall remain in force for the duration of providing Voice ID service to you, unless you send a written document to SCB to revoke the authorization or withdraw your consent by any other means.


VII. Other Terms

  1. 除非本条款另有规定,本行可中止,或随时及不时地修订本条款及/或增补新条款。本条款的终止,或任何修订及/或增补,经本行向客户作出合理通知/公告后,即于指定日期开始生效。如客户不接受相关修订及/或增补,可以根据本行相关流程(如有),书面通知本行申请终止全部/部分电话银行服务。客户未明确要求本行终止全部/部分电话银行服务,且在修订及/或增补生效日当日或其后,继续保留或使用此服务,此等修订及/或增补即对客户具有约束力。
    • Unless otherwise provided herein, SCB may suspend, or amend the Terms and/or add new terms at any time and from time to time. The termination of the Terms, or any amendments and/or additions, will become effective on the specified date after SCB has given reasonable notice/announcement to the client. If clients do not accept the relevant amendments and/or additions, they may notify SCB in writing to terminate all/part of the phone banking services according to the relevant procedures of SCB (if any). Such amendments and/or additions shall be binding on clients if they do not expressly request SCB to terminate all/part of the phone banking service and to continue to retain or use the service on or after the effective date of such amendments and/or additions.
  2. 渣打银行声纹识别服务是本行的电子银行服务的一部分,本条款为本行《个人电子银行服务条款》的补充条款。如本条款与《个人电子银行服务条款》有任何冲突,有关本行个人声纹识别的内容以本条款为准。《个人电子银行服务条款》请参照 []。
    • Voice ID is part of the e-banking services of SCB. The Terms are supplementary to the Terms and Conditions for Personal e-Banking Services of SCB. In the event of any conflict between the Terms and the Terms and Conditions for Personal e-Banking Services, the Terms shall prevail for matters related to the voice ID service. The Terms and Conditions for Personal e-Banking Services can be found at [].
  3. 如本条款设有英文文本,英文文本仅作参考,英文文本与中文文本如有不一致,以中文文本为准。
    • If there is an English version of the Terms, the English version is for reference only. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.
  4. 如果您有任何疑问、意见、建议或投诉,请通过以下联系方式与我行联系,我行均会及时答复:
    • If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, please contact us through the following contact details, and we will respond promptly to all of them:
    • 客户服务热线:956083。
    • Customer Service Hotline: 956083.
  5. 本条款于2023年4月修订并在本行官方网站上公布,本修订版自2023年4月25日起生效并施行。自本条款施行之日起,除非本行另行通知,本条款取代之前的与本服务有关的条款 (如有)。
    • The Terms are amended in April of 2023 and published on our official website The amendment shall become effective on 25 April 2023. From the date when the Terms become effective, unless otherwise notified by us, the Terms shall supersede the previous terms related to this service (if any).