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We are your trusted and dependable international banking partner

Welcome to Standard Chartered Commercial Banking

We focus on helping your business develop a strong international foothold and providing bespoke solutions to meet your business needs.

Supporting your cash management needs

Funding your growth

Managing market volatility for your business

Establishing international networks

Providing you with the right support

Hk cash management services

Supporting your cash management needs

Providing cash management solutions to support your needs.

  • Comprehensive Payments Solution
    • Our comprehensive payment services can help you reduce your overall processing costs for domestic and global payments, saving you time and money while providing a value-added service to your suppliers.

  • Extensive Clearing Services
    • Our international network and multi-currency capabilities are well-placed to provide you with seamless services for all your clearing requirements worldwide, ensuring that you get the benefit of early availability of funds.

  • Collection Services
    • Our collection solution leverages on the Bank’s extensive knowledge and widespread branch network across our key markets. This would enable you to meet your objectives of reducing costs, increasing efficiency and profitability through better receivables and risk management.

  • Liquidity Management
    • We can help you to define a customised liquidity management solution that helps you optimise processes, improve strategic decision making and increase your treasury efficiency. With our global experience and on-the-ground market knowledge, we can help you define an overall cash management strategy which incorporates a liquidity management solution that best meets your needs.

Hk working capital trade financing

Funding your growth

Providing you with business loans, working capital, trade finance with a variety of loan options and credit facilities.

  • Supply Chain Financing
    • Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, your cash flow is affected by your trading partners’ ability to raise funds efficiently. We ensure that partners in your supply chains have access to sufficient, steady financing on competitive terms.

  • Working Capital
    • We offer a comprehensive range of credit facilities with competitive interest rates and a variety of repayment options to suit your needs. With an international presence in over 27 markets, we can structure a financing solution best suited to your working capital requirements to help you grow internationally.

  • Documentary and Open Account Trade
    • You can navigate the waters of international trade via our fully integrated channels and global technology platforms.
      Our global network is ideally suited to helping you with satisfaction of your trade needs internationally.

Hk managing market volatility

Managing market volatility for your business

Protecting your business from foreign exchange and market fluctuations.

  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management
    • We offer you with access to a wide range of emerging market and G10 currencies, payments and trading in over 100 currencies via traditional voice and electronic channels. We work with you on your hedging, investment and funding requirements, delivering focused end-to-end, risk-management, investment and funding solutions.

  • Commodity Price Risk Management
    • Commodity price fluctuations can significantly erode profit margins, debt serviceability, credit worthiness and undermine share price. We offer extensive capabilities across all commodities sectors with solutions covering a broad range of products which will allow you to manage your commodities price risk.

  • Interest Rates Risk Management
    • Interest rates volatility can adversely affect your loan payment, liability management and business profit. Our professional rates structuring and sales teams tailor-make hedging solutions for clients exposed to interest rate risk– enabling you to execute better risk management for your business.

Hk establishing international network

Establishing international networks

Our presence in over 20 markets enables us to help you expand and establish yourselves internationally by seamlessly supporting your cross-border payments, trade requirements, investments and wealth needs.

  • Strong Franchise
    • We have a broad geographical footprint, with a presence in 27 markets across Asia, the Middle East and Africa; serving our Commercial Banking clients for more than 150 years.

  • Single Touch-Point
    • We provide a unified, consistent and global view of our relationship with you across the bank’s footprint through Straight2Bank.

  • Extensive Local Coverage
    • We have a large branch network in our core markets and can connect you with local clearing houses in all major markets.

  • Centralised Processes
    • We have streamlined our on-boarding to serve you and your subsidiaries seamlessly across our network.

Hk terms and conditions

Providing you with the right support

We value our relationship with you and we’re here to help; whatever you need to make your business grow. We are committed to providing you the highest level of service. And getting things done when it counts for you.

  • Relationship Manager
    • Our relationship managers will be able to help you plan as your business evolves in a fast-changing world.

  • Team Based Support
    • Our relationship managers are supported by a team of experienced client coverage managers as well as specialists in our extensive offering of products and services. These teams will provide you with the optimal level of service and attention, supporting you in establishing yourselves internationally.

  • Dedicated Client Service Group
    • Our Client Service Group for businesses is just a call away

      (Mon to Fri 9:00am to 7:00pm; Sat 9:00am to 12:30pm).

      Please contact us via:

      Phone: +852 3146 7499
      Fax: +852 2282 0260