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global research We deliver insightful analyses and views across our footprint

We inform, advise and partner with corporations, institutions and governments across the globe. Our on-the-ground profile across Asia, Africa and the Middle East strongly differentiates our research 

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Renminbi tracker: How global is the renminbi?

Our Renminbi Globalisation Index has tracked the internationalisation of China’s currency since 2011

Trade beyond borders | 13 May 2020

India: coping with COVID-19

India's “Whatever is necessary” policy approach echoes steps taken by other markets

Trade beyond borders | 27 Mar 2020

Belt and Road shines through the US-China trade dispute

Could the trade dispute be fuelling the growth of the world's largest infrastructure trade project?

Trade beyond borders | 21 Nov 2018

Our survey says… China’s tech future lies in the Greater Bay Area

One of China’s most dynamic regions is reaching an exciting turning point, boding well for its economy

Trade beyond borders | 1 Aug 2018

The three main risks facing the global economy

A potential US-China trade war, oil price shocks and the end of the QE era could impact global growth –…

Trade beyond borders | 18 Jul 2018

Why bitcoin isn’t a real threat to major currencies – any time soon

Cryptocurrencies are disrupting the financial landscape, but their challenge to traditional currencies may be limited

Navigate the future | 24 Apr 2018

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Our services What we cover

Global thought leadership with insightful analysis and forecasts developed through ongoing discussions with clients, regulators and central banks. We leverage our on-the-ground networks and expertise to deliver key economic data, trends and views.

Macro-thematic investment and trading strategies applicable to all client segments, across major asset classes including FX, fixed income and commodities.

Deep-dive analysis, including the economic and market impact of globally significant themes such as productivity, external vulnerability and trade.

Analysis of global geopolitical risks and their economic implications; identification of systemic risks such as populism, key elections, climate change and cyber wars.

Detailed analysis of flows and positioning in EM Rates, Credit and FX to identify relevant trends and anomalies and highlight market flow opportunities.

Award-winning client-centric FX research and strategy, supported by FX fundamental, flow, quantitative and technical analysis. The team delivers both thematic FX research and high conviction actionable ideas.

Local insights, quantitative analyses and actionable  strategies across rate derivatives and government bonds within our footprint economies, as well as advice on international bond markets.

In-depth, bottom-up fundamental research combined with thematic and differentiated top-down credit strategy; the team covers over 300 sovereign, corporate and financial-sector credits across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

On-the-ground analysis across our footprint, combined with fundamental and quantitative global insights on commodities markets, including market opportunities for clients.