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Chat with us

Our Online Assistants are here to help you anytime across multiple channels. Chat with us by clicking at the bottom right corner on the website or the SC Mobile app.

  • Virtual Assistant Stacy
      • Check your account balances, reward points and categorize your credit card spending after login1
      • General product and service information, like latest offer, ATM and branch location.
      • General enquiries, like what to do if your credit card is lost, how to update the address, etc.
  • Live Agent
      • Our Live Agent can chat with you and share images or documents for your enquiries. You can also leave your message and receive push notification2. once Live Agent has replied, and retrieve your chat history anytime.1
      • Learn more
  • myRM3
      • Interact with your Relationship Manager (RM) live via text chat or audio call, or co-browse information with your RM to facilitate your discussion4!
      • Learn more

Call us

  • Tired of long waits?
    • If you are experiencing our hotline waiting time longer than usual, you may:

      • 1. get the information by browsing our Help Centre for most frequently asked questions,
      • 2. easily self-serve a wide range of credit card and banking services through our Online Banking or SC Mobile (Learn More),

Locate us

Use the branch locator to find the nearest branch or ATM

  • Locate us
    • Need to visit our branch?

      Use the branch locator to find the nearest branch or ATM.

  • Branch Services
    • Account Opening & RM e-Appointment Service

      Make an appointment at your preferred time & date with instant confirmation

      ​e-Ticketing Service

      Get a ticket before arriving at our branch for counter services to save waiting time, or you can save more time by perform the transaction digitally without going to branch!

Provide Feedback

  • Please tell us about your feedback
    • MAIL

      Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd,
      Client Experience
      GPO Box 21, Hong Kong



      Office Hours:
      Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
      Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


      Your feedback will be followed up and acknowledged within 7 days upon receipt. In case we need to investigate further, our staff will endeavour to advise you of the outcome within 30 days. While we might need more time to attend to the matter in some occasions, we shall keep you informed.


      In case, you are still not completely satisfied with our handling of your case, or if you have further relevant information for our assessment, please contact us again, we will reassess the case and respond to you per the above-mentioned procedures.


      To address the comments made by third party, we will contact the client directly in order to protect the privacy of clients.


  1. Virtual Assistant Stacy and Chat with Live Agent post-login services are accessible after logging in via Online Banking.
  2. Client is required to turn on the push notifications in SC Mobile.
  3. myRM services are only applicable to selected Priority Private and Priority Banking clients.
  4. Client is required to install plug-in in Google Chrome to enable the screen sharing function.